Here are log home interior design ideas to consider by the log home interior decorator.

Part of the charm of log home interior design is that the shape and color of the wood on the logs will reflect a wide variety of moods, emotions and complexities.

Whether you'll be working with a log home interior decorator or doing the design yourself, the wood will become the most visual and dynamic element that everything else revolves around.

Choosing the right amount of logs that will show is a major decision for any log home interior design.

The log home interior decorator will seldom use logs for every wall in the entire home. Other materials and finishes complement the wood that shows, creating the desired effect.

When planning the inside of your log home, consider these issues:

Diameter of the logs - carefully select the size of the logs being used and be aware of how they will impact your space visually.

For instance, using smaller diameter logs inside will have a more subtle effect visually than using larger diameter ones.

Large diameter logs will appear powerful and dramatic. If you want to use large ones, this may dictate a certain size house with larger rooms, higher ceilings and it will need more furnishings.

Interior light level - log homes can feel dark and oppressive inside if you use dark wood and have an insufficient amount of light. Windows provide the interior with natural light, making the space feel larger and more inviting.

Where your windows are located is very important in log home interior design. You'll want to consider not only where they are, but what size they are, what shape they are and what style will be suitable.

You'll get morning light from the east and late afternoon sun from the west. Small windows in log homes is not a common feature anymore.

Placing a window in the proper place can frame a beautiful lake view or maybe the mountains. A skylight will show the bright blue of the sky. Skylights provide natural light year round and will brighten any room even when it is overcast.

Room focal point - each room needs to be considered separately by the log home interior decorator. Each room needs a focal point or feature that attracts the eye.

This could be a fireplace, a painting, a staircase, perhaps a window or chandelier. If the room is big, you may want to have more than one focal point.

If you have a nice large space, break it up into smaller cozy sections using different furniture arrangements.

This works well when you are entertaining. Each group can do something different without distracting the other. Area rugs in various sizes and shapes can also help divide a room visually.

Flooring materials - if you decide not to use carpeting in the dining room, think about a contrasting floor material. Tiles set into wood can create a dramatic effect or wood laid into stone.

Small rooms will look larger if your floor is lighter than the walls. If you have a lot of windows and lots of light, think about a lovely wood or stone floor to create an unforgettable setting.

Walls and the materials used - how you finish your interior logs will impact the visual appeal. Sealers, paint or stain can be used in various parts of the house effectively, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.

There are so many materials available today such as glass, stone, stucco, steel and copper that are often combined with logs to create amazing contrasts.

Conversely, the materials used by the log home interior decorator may be associated with the state or region the home is in, combining stucco and logs in the southwestern US, for example.

Beautiful log home interior design can have a lot of flexibility today. There are so many ways the log home interior decorator can go with the design, from an informal hand-hewn country style to a chic modern interior.

As with any home's style, the success of interiors is measured by how the space is enjoyed and how well it functions.

No matter if you are just starting to have some ideas or if you're well on your way with your design, research as much as you can about creating a comfortable, cozy inviting space within your log home.

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