When designing log home interiors, include these considerations in your log home decor.

In log home interiors, the color of the wood and its shape selected is most important because the wood will reflect various moods and emotions.

Sometimes the logs in log home decor and log home interior decorating can be subtle and quiet, depending on their location. Other times, they will be a powerful and dramatic design element in the room.

If you build a log home with very large logs, you will probably need to build larger rooms, higher ceilings and have a lot more furnishings for a good log home decor.

Consider the size of the logs and how much they will affect the space. How the wood in the interiors of a log home is finished is important because of the resulting visual impact made by the color.

With log home & rustic interiors finishing, you can use sealers, stains and paint in some areas. Stains, sealers and paints have matte, satin, gloss and semi-gloss finish qualities.

A glossy sealer applied over a glossy stain will double the shine. If you are looking for rustic light fixtures and antler chandeliers, cowhide rugs and pillows, log home decor and hardware, kitchen decor and pot racks, go here.

Sometimes glossy finishes are used in log home interiors on cabinetry, doors and ceilings because they help throw light back into the rooms to brighten a dim room.

Today, with the opportunity of buying a manufactured log home, these kits often come with a variety of materials mixed with the logs.

They tend to use materials such as glass, stucco, stone, copper and steel mixed with the logs.

The materials used are often are associated with the region or state. For example, the Southwest USA uses the combination of logs and stucco.

For some people, an all-log home can feel dark, even oppressive.

The exterior log home decor wall will be wood through and through, but at least some of the interior walls can be framed to give you a different texture and a break from the intensity of the logs.

You may want to use paint, you may want to place some special painting, antique or art piece in that area or you may want to use wallpaper.

Sometimes the use of paint in some areas adds a contemporary charm to the log home and the rustic interiors. Framed walls in general take less space inside the house.

Picture windows for log home interiors and log home interior decoration.

Windows and views frame the rooms in log home designs. Don't be afraid of using plenty of window areas when designing your home. Windows will give your space plenty of natural light and will enlarge the space of the room.

The idea of using small windows in homes is old fashioned. Today, skylights or windows must be large enough to frame that lake, the mountain or the sky. Skylights give you natural diffused light all year and make any room brighter. You can have it all!

Orientation, size, location, shape and style of the windows is very important - an east-facing window will bring morning light and a west-facing window will bring in late afternoon sun.

Sitting room with a sense of openness for a log home & rustic interiors.

Everyone loves a great open sitting room! Rustic family room decorating can provide a warm inviting space to enjoy. Spacious log home interiors with wonderful high ceilings is perfect. The only problem is - extremely large spaces are expensive to build and difficult to heat, cool and maintain.

To replace a light bulb in a large sitting room with high ceilings will require a long ladder. You will need to have larger furniture and your utility bill will be higher. Rustic decor or lighting planning must be carefully thought through so that there will be no surprises.

Regardless of its size, each room needs its focal point or several focal points, depending on the size of the space. It may be a fireplace, a special painting, beautiful chandeliers or window. Of course, for a large room, you need more than one focal point.

If your room is large, have small cozy sections and various furniture arrangements for smaller groups of people. Use different sized/shaped area rugs to divide a room visually. Flooring can also be used to define space.

If you don't want to use carpet with a dining room table/chairs, create different flooring contrasts. The use of different materials can create drama - tiles and wood, maybe wood timbers placed in stone.

A small room will look larger if you install a floor that is lighter than the walls. If your room has a lot of windows and natural light, a beautiful wood flooring or stone floor will create the perfect setting.

Using dramatic lighting fixtures can provide rustic style decorating for log home interiors. If the space is large, you may be happiest using several elegant chandeliers. Rustic decor or lighting planning using rustic fixtures can help create beautiful interiors.

How to learn more about rustic log home decor? Searching online is fast and should help. You can also search under phrases like - log home interiors do it yourself, rustic family room decorating, rustic decorating ideas and photos, rustic and outdoor decorating ideas, rustic and brown and wall and decor.

Besides searching online, there are wonderful books about log home interior decorating and rustic style decoration.

Inside Log Homes - The Art of Log Home Decorating by Authors Cindy Teipner Thiede and Jonathan Stoke.

Even if you did not own a log home, this book is a treasure to enjoy! It is filled with beautiful examples of living spaces with expansive windows bringing the outdoors into the homes.

The photographs are as great as you'll see anywhere, illustrating the decorating elements, the wood varieties and the creative interiors that are to be found across the USA.

From dark and rough fir floors to light walls stained in almond, sit back and enjoy the journey through these wonderful places.

Lodges, ranch houses, rustic, refined - many styles are included in this log home lovers resource. Need a new deck idea? You'll even find several pages devoted to summer decorating.

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