Are you thinking about using new log home plans? Are you looking for really good log home house plans?

Selecting or creating your log home plans is an exciting and fun part of having your dream log home!

Maybe you're dreaming of creating your own log home plans and owning your very own home...perhaps one designed and built especially for you. You have options available to you that will allow you to make the right decisions. And the information on this site is certainly going to help you.

Your dream log home house plans may already exist! You just haven't seen them yet...maybe you're just starting to look...that's OK. Each of the log home floor plans that you will see gives you ideas that may become part of your new log home.

Before you get too far into the creation or selection of what you want in your home, here are examples of what you're going to need to know:

•1- What will be your log home's style.

•2- How many square feet will it have, how many floors.

•3- How many bedrooms and bathrooms.

•4- Will it have a basement, garage, fireplace(s).

•5- What kind of roof, flooring, interior wall and ceiling finishes do you want.

•6- How much can you spend.

•7- What kind of furnishings do you want.

You don't have to decide everything in the beginning, of course. You'll probably begin to have an understanding of what you want and need as you look at different kinds of homes.

You'll want to plan your whole project ON PAPER first to work out the basic concepts. This planning stage can be time consuming, but it can also be a lot of fun.

Select the log home plans that are the closest to what you are looking for. Existing home plans can work very well for you, they are interesting and fun and they have been successfully built. The question is - are any existing log home house plans right for you?

Here's how to find your dream log home house plans...

1- You can find the plans that you want by using quality online home plan services. Look through what they have to see how many they have that interest and excite you.

If you can find a stock plan that you like, you'll save money and time, even if you need to make changes. Just make sure the service can modify your plans for you.

Check out the sites and services available on the internet - they're great! There are many companies that have plans that have been built and are ready for you to use.

When you are on a website offering home plans, for the "style of plans", check "Log". If you have a maximum # of square feet that you want, enter that at the page top plus any other requirements - then scroll down and select "GO"...

Enjoy your search!
Make sure the company will modify any of the plans that they have that you like. Looking through their existing homes is fun and informative and will likely give you ideas for YOUR log home.

The dozens of log home house plans on a quality site can be searched for in several ways - you should be able to search by type of home, by living area square footage you want, by number of floors, number of bedrooms, by sales popularity and by house style.

As you find log home plans that you like, you can view more details about the home - you can see elevation views and you can see the main floor layout and the second floor layout.

Find a plan that you like but want to make changes? Be sure the company has a staff of experienced professionals to help you make whatever changes you desire.

Log home plans usually contain these kinds of drawings.

Your log home house plans will be the basis for you and the various construction people to follow when making your dream log home become a reality. The more you know about how to read plans, the better informed you will be for the planning stages and as construction proceeds.

Here's a list of the kinds of sheets you may have for your project:

Exterior Elevations - this type of log home plan sheet will show the front, sides, and rear views of your log home.

The view will be as if you were standing in front of each of the four main views, looking at your log home.

Foundation Plan - this sheet will show the foundation's dimensions and details. It should include information about the log home's floor slab, crawl space, partial or full basement, depending on what your log home will have.

Floor Plan - this sheet shows the location of walls, windows and doors. Log home house plans may include the locations of electrical outlets. If your log home has more than one floor, each floor will be shown. You can read more information on log home floor plans here.

Section views - this type of sheet is viewed as a vertical cut through various parts of your log home such as walls, floors, ceilings and the roof. Will include the materials to be used in these areas.

Roof Plan - will show an overhead view of the framing, the slope and the supporting details for your log home's roof.

Interior Details - this sheet will show views and details for the kitchen, bathroom and fireplace.

Information about the cabinets and fixtures to be used will be shown. Other sheets in log home plans may include a cover sheet showing how your log home will look when completed.

A framing plan may be used to show details of any conventional wood framing that you have. An electrical drawing and plumbing drawing may be included to show this specific information. Other details like the kitchen cabinets views and window/door schedules are sometimes included.

Besides the blueprints that are your log home plans, specifications may be included. Construction specifications are a WRITTEN part of your project that give specific information that is to be included in your log home but may not be shown on your blueprints.

Since log home plans (and all other home plans) are protected by copyright laws, you'll need to get written permission of the plan's owner and pay a fee to use their plans.

What formats do log home plans come in? You can get what's called a "Planning Set" of any log home plans you are seriously considering using to build.

You can get your plans already printed, ready to use - construction plans. You can get a reproducible set drawn on Mylar paper.

This option is good if you'll be working locally with a builder or designer and if you will be making a few changes. That way, your builder or designer can make your modifications, then print out the copies that will be needed.

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