Why are log modular homes cost-effective and how are log home modular homes made?

Log modular homes are a great way to build, because modular building tends to be the most efficient, least costly and least wasteful. Log home modular homes are designed and built the way they are for specific reasons.

"Modular homes" can have two meanings - one meaning can refer to designing based on standard available material sizes and best uses.

The other meaning can refer to the prefabrication of log home modular homes in a controlled environment in an assembly line fashion. Doing so has major advantages for the log home owner!

In North America, designing and building modular log homes means using a 4" basis for dimensions. 4", 8", 12", 16", 48" - these are modular sizes commonly used in the log home building process.

Installing floor joists at 16" on center, using 8" x 8" x 16" concrete block and 4' x 8' plywood sheets are examples of modular home construction.

Keeping log home modular homes design and construction within industry parameters - using commonly available materials - makes the entire process go faster and with less waste, which saves time and money.

In the same way, modular log homes should have vertical and horizontal dimensions that are modular. Use a design and building plan that has vertical dimensions based on available log lengths, for example.

Perhaps this means having 8-foot vertical dimensions or multiples of 8 feet. Keeping the vertical dimensions consistent throughout the structure saves construction time and money.

Once your foundation is started, you will want to be sure that the structure is sealed to the weather in one building season.

The most-often used building seasons will be the spring to fall time when the weather warms for most areas where homes are built.

If log home modular homes structures need extensive on-site custom cutting and fitting, having to do so will take longer and will be more expensive.

Why are log home modular homes built in a controlled environment?

Much like automobiles are built using an assembly line, modular log homes and cabins can be constructed this way. The equipment, tools, and materials can be organized so that prefabrication goes quickly and efficiently.

Once the home is completed, it will be transported to the site, unloaded and installed on the foundation that's been built for it.

Log modular homes are usually built stronger than site-built ones because they have to withstand the trip from the factory to the site.

And since most of the construction happens indoors, weather delays are much less of a concern. These kinds of structures are surprisingly varied in the design choices that are available.

When you are searching online for log modular homes floor plans that can be purchased, you should find quite a few options. Many of the companies will have plans that have been built and are ready for you to use.

Make sure the provider has been in business for a number of years and has a good selection of high quality plans.

Select the plans search website you wish to search, then make the following example selections:

For style of plans, check "Log". If you have a maximum # of square feet that you want, enter that at the page top plus any other requirements...

Enjoy your search! Take your time and view all the plan types you like - A-Frame, chalet, vacation homes as well as log home plans are waiting for you.

Online plan searching is great because you can see so many plans that have been successfully built. That means you'll save time and money with your plans, design and construction.

Whether you're searching for California modular log homes, modular log homes Wisconsin, modular log homes with 5 bedrooms or modular log homes in South Carolina information - use the speed of your PC and the internet to provide you the information you want. Take your time and enjoy your search.

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