Use attractive manufactured home fireplaces and factory built fireplaces for your home.



Manufactured home fireplaces and factory built fireplaces are one of the three general fireplace types. The other two general types are the traditional masonry fireplace and a combination fireplace.

The combination type is commonly a metal firebox and a chamber for the smoke plus a brick chimney. Manufactured home fireplaces and factory built fireplaces usually consist of a metal firebox, a metal chimney and the damper parts.

A chimney cap is often included. These will often include the ability to draw in air from the outside, making them very energy efficient. Fireplaces that are manufactured provide several major advantages.

Factory built units can be found in a variety of styles, and you can select one that can be used indoors and outdoors for the backyard.

You can select to buy a wood-burning unit, or one that burns using natural or propane gas, a unit that is vent-less, portable and works with gel fuel cans or an electric fireplace.

Manufactured home fireplaces are inexpensive compared to custom-built masonry ones.

Manufactured or factory built fireplaces are less expensive for the materials and parts. And they're much less expensive to install since they can be installed by a knowledgeable contractor in 1-2 days.

Comparatively speaking, a unit that is manufactured is much lighter than masonry fireplaces. That's important, because that means you can install these kinds of units in any room on any floor of your home without the need for expensive structural changes.

Factory built fireplaces can be placed very near wood framing without becoming a fire hazard.

Another name for manufactured home fireplaces is zero clearance fireplaces.

You can place the fireplace as close as 1" or even 1/2", depending on its specifications.

This benefit is especially important if you are adding a fireplace to an existing room.

An electric fireplace is a beautiful focal point in your house and it plugs into a standard electrical outlet, which is very convenient.

Some of these units can easily be moved from room to room and are made with all kinds of materials (wood, faux brick) and many different finishes.

• Factory built models have manual, thermostat or remote control operation available.
• These kinds of heating units also are available with realistic multi-log design with yellow flames and glowing embers - providing the look of real wood-burning fire.
• You can also select a unit that works in natural or propane gas.


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