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Meat thermometers are a useful tool to read the temperature of the meat while cooking and to indicate when it has reached the perfect degree of doneness. The dials on meat thermometers not only indicate the temperature, but some also have a scale indicating at what degree each type of meat (beef, lamb, pork, etc.) is done.

There are also instant cooking thermometers that take the reading in just a few seconds. These are inserted into the meat toward the end of the cooking time.

Thermometers for meat come with 1 or 2-inch dials, usually measuring from 0 degrees (sometimes 100 degrees) up to 220 degrees F.

Look for those with thin probes which make smaller holes in the meat and therefore allow less juices to escape. Always insert a meat cooking thermometer as near to the center of the meat as possible, avoiding the bone area.

Here are great thermometers that are available online from reliable sources.

Oxo Meat Thermometers

Oxo Meat Thermometers

Use Oxo meat thermometers to prepare turkey that is tender or tasty pork and beef. The double indicator can be adjusted so that it points to the desired internal temperature and the kind of meat being cooked. Insert the Oxo meat thermometer into the meat away from the bone during cooking. The meat is done when the dial lines up with the double indicator.

The long probe can reach the center of large roasts while the narrowness minimizes the hole in your meat. Functions as food safety calibrating thermometers, displaying in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Made of stainless steel construction.

Polder 2.5" x 2.5" Programmable Thermometer with Timer

Polder 2.5x2.5 Programmable Meat Thermometers with Timer

Prepare perfectly cooked poultry and meats with this programmable thermometer with timer. The digital display indicates the internal food temperature. Set the temperature desired from 32 - 392 degrees Fahrenheit. An alarm then lets you know when the inside temperature is reached. With its magnetic backing, you can place the timer on your oven door during cooking. Wire probe measures 43 inches long and unit uses one AAA battery.

Bonjour Culinary Laser Thermometer

Bonjour Culinary Laser Meat Thermometers

This thermometer shows cooking or grilling surface temperatures without actually touching the surface. This means that food can be added at the right time without burning.

The LCD display measures temperatures from 0 to 932 degrees and the ergonomic meat thermometers design makes it easy to hold. Is battery-operated and batteries are included.
• Dimensions are 3.75 x 1.5 x 6 inches.

Weber Barbecue Beeper Remote Digital Thermometer for Meat

Weber Barbecue Beeper Remote Digital Meat Thermometers

Use remote digital meat thermometers and get the desired doneness on meats and poultry. All you do is insert the meat probe into the food, select the doneness setting desired, clip the remote on your apron or waistband and wait until a beep tells you it is time to remove the food from the grill - great remote meat thermometers!

13" Fork Thermometer

13-in. Fork Meat Thermometers

Digital fork cooking meat thermometers make roasting and grilling easy with temperature readouts up to 392 degrees. The long, easy to clean stainless steel tines insert right up to the bone. Runs off of one AAA battery that is included.

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