Be sure you have the necessary health safety products you should keep in your medicine cabinet...

Your medicine cabinet can be wall-mounted or recessed, depending on which style you like, or maybe it's one of the medicine cabinets with electricity.

Types of medicine cabinets for your bathroom:

• 1- Simple cabinet with no mirror, only a door and storage.

• 2- Medicine cabinet with swing-out mirrors.

• 3- Some come with a locked compartment for certain types of medications and substances. This is a good idea when you have children.

• 4- Three door or three way mirrored doors cabinet - these can be bought with built-in lighting.

• 5- Mirror type has only one mirror and it can be bought with built-in lighting.

You may prefer to buy regular ones that affix on the walls rather than recessing them between the studs.

Recessed units work best in small bathrooms - they use less space. The standard height for most installations is 72 inches from the floor.

Medicine cabinets that have a mirror defogger are very convenient. If your budget allows it, consider buying one for your bathroom.

Consider if you want one that includes built-in lighting, swing-out mirrors and three way mirrored doors. Bathrooms need a great deal of lighting and efficient storage.

Some will have a separate compartment that can be locked. This is especially good to have when you have young children in the house. Your piece of mind and their safety will be worth the expense.

Try to find one that is in the right proportion to the vanity and sink. Also try to find one that has deep shelves so you can store more supplies like tooth brushes and bandages for example.

Large medicine cabinets are great for storage, but if too large, attention will be drawn away from your vanity and sink. If the cabinet is too small, it may be overwhelmed by the vanity or sink.

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