Online kitchen design ideas and considerations for your home...

Online kitchen design ideas, layout and space planning can be done well if you know your options and what you want! Important? You bet! More families spend MORE time in the kitchen today! But you knew that!

And you knew that this room has largely become the family room, pet feeding room, staging room for school, dining room and social center, right?

So your online kitchen design ideas need planning, personality and character - and there's no reason to keep you from putting all of that in yours!

So - you need a list of things that facilitate all of those activities and more! And YOU have to be the one to choose it, design it AND throw out all the things you DON’T like!

No problem - so let's do it.

Some questions to guide the online kitchen design process...

As you're planning and before you build your dream kitchen, consider these issues:

• How do you use your kitchen?
• How many people cook in the kitchen at the same time?
• Do frequently cook small meals?
• How is your traffic flow in the kitchen?
• Do you have a large family?
• How often do you or your family eat in this room?
• Do you have lots of friends who insist on watching you cook - like you’re Julia Child? Right!
• Do you entertain and socialize a great deal?
• Which do YOU do? Baking, grilling or microwave?
• Where do you eat most of your daily meals and when you entertain?
• Do you know how much space you need for food preparation?
• What decorating style do you like?
• Do you have enough counter space? Do you want more?
• Do you want more storage for items including recycling?
• Do you have enough natural light through the windows and artificial light, especially task lighting?

Done correctly, you should include adjoining rooms in your online kitchen design questions:

• Does this room fit into the decor of the rest of the house?
• Are your washer, dryer and laundry supplies nearby?
• Would you like to have room for two people cooking at the same time?
• Does what you want fit your budget?
• What budget are you comfortable spending for remodeling or building your new kitchen?
• Can someone in a wheelchair turn around reasonably?
• What style are you going to have (modern, Victorian, French country, traditional)?
• Are you going to use a computer, TV or the telephone?

Whether you're working with a designer or creating your own online kitchen design ideas, these are the kinds of considerations that you should think through.

Here’s More to Know About Online Kitchen Design!

1- The Size - decide how much space you need for counter space and storage.

The biggest challenge for anyone doing online kitchen design is the creation of an efficient working triangle for the cooks.

At the same time, there's the need for allowing the flow of traffic to exist AWAY from the cooking area. Building a kitchen island could help you move any traffic flow away from the working triangle.

If your present kitchen design is too small, consider borrowing space from adjacent hallways, closets or perhaps other rooms to create a sense of openness.

If necessary, consider adding on to your home. Adding square footage to the house will likely increase its value.

If you are going to have a lot of counter space and you entertain a great deal, consider having multiple workstations for others who may be helping you prepare meals (perhaps an extra sink or an extra oven if you bake a lot). Your kitchen island could be the area for the second sink or cooktop.

As you are doing your online kitchen design, if you are going to entertain frequently, make sure you consider having multiple sinks, plenty of counter space, cook space, storage, good lighting plan, ample refrigerator space and selecting surfaces that are easy to maintain and clean.

2- Online kitchen design ideas and issues for kitchen storage...in your online kitchen design, plan for a storage area for recycling products. Perhaps you should use some of the base cabinets under the sink for this purpose, for example.

Pullout garbage containers and revolving recycle bins are a great idea for online kitchen design. Having special bins for recycling items like plastic bottles, newspapers, cans and glass keeps everything organized, reduces clutter and saves you time.

When making your online kitchen design and looking for storage ideas, here's is a list of what you may want to consider:

• Storage for recyclables and trash - pullout recycling bins and pullout trash cans under your kitchen island or the sink.

• Storage for pots and pans - you can use your cabinets, lazy susan, pot racks or open shelving. Lazy susans work well in kitchen corners and the use of them is an efficient way of using wasted space.

• Storage for dishes and glassware - you can use the cabinets, open shelving, wood dish racks, steamware racks inside or under the cabinets.

• Storage for knives - adjustable drawer organizer, trays or built-in slots for each knife.

• Storage for spices - you can have spice racks and drawers.

• Storage for breads - bread boxes.

• Storage for cleaning supplies - pullout drawers under the kitchen cabinets and carousel shelves.

• Storage for small appliances - open shelving, appliance garages, fold down shelves and bakers racks.

• Storage for dry foods, canned foods, potatoes, onions, etc. - drawers and pantries are great storage for these foods.

Storage for wine - wine coolers that can be placed under the counter or freestanding and wine racks.

• Storage for flat items - cutting boards, lids, baking sheets can be placed in roll out racks. They can be placed inside cabinets.

3 - Major kitchen appliances - are you going to buy stainless steel appliances? Another important factor to remember in online kitchen design is to carefully plan which appliances you may want in your design.

You will need to decide if you need a dishwasher, a freezer separate from your refrigerator, trash compactor, garbage disposal, perhaps an extra oven, wine refrigerator, wine racks or a microwave. It's much easier in the online kitchen design process to plan for major appliances now rather than try and add them later.

If you are remodeling, consider maintaining your fixtures and appliances where they currently are located as far as the outlets are concerned. Even the telephone can still be located where it is before remodeling. To move plumbing, jacks and wiring tends to be more expensive, not good if you are on a tight budget.

Place the sink, the stove (or cooktop) and refrigerator (or storage, cooking and cleanup) within a few steps of each other. Make sure that your online kitchen design creates an efficient and spacious working triangle for you.

4- Consider the style, colors and texture you would like. You may want a very contemporary style or you may prefer a traditional look.

Color makes a strong statement, it helps you define space and it can affect your mood. You may prefer neutral and relaxing colors or you may like high-energy and vibrant walls.

Light colors will make a room look larger, while darker colors will give you the perception of a smaller room. Greens and blues are more relaxing, they will make the room look larger and they are called the 'cool colors'.

Yellow, reds and orange are called the 'warm colors' and they make the kitchen look smaller, happier and cozier. Colors like gray, white and black are 'neutral colors'. They can create different intensities of color when mixed with others - if you add white to all the other colors, it will lighten all of them.

The amount of and the type of light you have will affect how your colors look. Colors will have different tones when exposed to morning, afternoon and evening natural light as well as artificial light.

A contemporary kitchen tends to have more streamlined surfaces, straighter and less embellished lines and sleek textures. Materials should be flush because you do not use moldings. Colors are sometimes brighter and finishes are perhaps glossy.

By contrast, a traditional kitchen uses more natural materials, richly woven textures and curved and ornamented lines. Hinges can be exposed, the moldings are more elaborate and you may want to have exposed wood beams, for example.

And it's possible to have a kitchen where you mix both styles without being concerned with the rules or conventions - and your kitchen will be BEAUTIFUL! You decide! It's YOURS!

5- Effective lighting in your kitchen is an important online kitchen design idea issue. Lighting defines your kitchen, it gives the room personality, energy and drama.

It allows you to see where you are going, what you are doing and it is important for practical and design reasons.

Natural lighting from windows or skylights is crucial because natural light will brighten the room's working surfaces, the colors and textures will become alive and the room will appear larger and more open.

Different sources of artificial light or artificial fixtures will also give the area more versatility and more options for you and your family.

You will need general lighting, which will brighten and give overall illumination to the space. The lights like chandeliers or wall sconces can be turned on and off as you are moving or working in one space or another.

Accent lighting - this type of lighting will provide ambience, like sconces that cast light along a wall or ceiling. Rope or strip lights installed on top of cabinets or inside cabinets with glass doors will show off your best plates and ceramics.

Task lighting is usually needed at the counter tops, sink, stove, kitchen islands or desk where you do computer work, homework and other tasks. These types of lights - pendants, recessed lights and under cabinet lighting - give you more intense light toward the working areas.

• In your online kitchen design, pay attention to how you use your corner space with corner cabinets. There are some very nice corner cabinets that will give you plenty of storage space.

• Keep your pantry or storage area and refrigerator close to the area where you unload your groceries. This way, your work will be much easier and more efficient.

• If you are going to have a cooktop for cooking, make sure you have plenty of counter space on each side for food preparation and serving. Your sink should be close by to help you wash or drain certain items and clean up afterward.

Recommended online kitchen design ideas reading

No matter what style of home you have or are designing - contemporary, log home, country home or traditional - online kitchen design ideas and principles apply universally. There is a great reference book you may want to own that is packed with online kitchen design information.

The Smart Approach to Kitchen Design by Author Susan Maney.

Explains everything a homeowner needs to know to design and decorate a kitchen.

The book includes advice for hiring design and construction professionals, shopping for materials and appliances, space planning, lighting, choosing cabinets and planning storage and decorating with style.

This reference is FILLED with practical, cost-effective kitchen design ideas that you may use. Check it and related resources out now!

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