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When you plan to build a fire in your outdoor fire rings, it is most important that dry firewood is used. To burn, wood has to obtain a temperature over 451 degrees.

At the much lower temperature of 212 degrees, any water in the wood will boil and become steam. What this means is that the wood cannot ignite until after the water has been removed from the wood.

One of the most popular and healthy ways to start any fire is to use Fatwood.

Fatwood is made from pine tree stumps that have remained a few years after the pine tree was removed.

During those years, pitch will continue to be sent from the roots to the stump, resulting in a natural product to be used as a fire starter.

Fatwood is great for starting fires in fireplaces and woodstoves. New units that have catalytic converters generally accept Fatwood. Read more about obtaining fatwood online here.

Loaded with resins that ignite quickly, Fatwood will jump start a fire quickly, even when firewood is damp. Great for wood stoves, fireplaces, campfires or outdoor fire rings.

And below you will find a variety of outdoor fire rings and related products for your outdoor pleasure... enjoy!

Outdoor Fire Pit Rings

Outdoor Fire Pit

Warm your hands, add a friendly glow to the yard with these outdoor fire pit rings. This stainless steel firepit ring adds elegance and functionality to your yard or patio. The tray with handles removes for easy cleaning. Made in Germany.

Copper Chiminea with Fire Pit Rings

Copper Chiminea with Fire Pit Rings

These copper fire pit rings can provide a romantic fire outdoors. This chimine-style fireplace has been constructed from recycled copper that developes an attractive patina with time. The wrought iron frame is handmade and goes well with the ring and lid.


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