An overhead garage storage rack creates space.

Overhead garage storage is a great place for home storage. Using an overhead garage storage rack will free your garage floor space and attic!

This kind of garage storage can quickly solve your garage storage problems. You can even use this kind of overhead storage in your laundry room or attic.

This type of storage helps you utilize the space that's available above the floor or in the corners of your garage.

If your garage shelves are overflowing and you are using a lot of floor space in your garage, overhead storage in the garage can significantly add usable storage space.

Camping equipment, tents, sleeping bags, your empty suitcases, pillows or cushions, patio furniture, holiday ornaments, coolers and so on.

You will need a ladder to store or access these items. The best way to use overhead storage is to store items that are not used very frequently or are seasonal.

If you store frequently used items overhead, you will be climbing your ladder often.

If you have several bicycles you would like to store in the garage, you have options. You can find ceiling bike lifts that can be raised or lowered very easily. You can also find stand alone bicycle racks and floor-to-ceiling pole racks. These racks are perfect overhead garage storage racks!

No matter what style home you have - traditional, contemporary or log home - overhead storage in your garage helps organize and simplify your life. And how bad can that be!

The garage storage products shown below are available conveniently online from these quality suppliers.

HyLoft 540 45-by-45-Inch Overhead Storage System

• Garage storage rack space for seasonal items and much more.
• Overhead storage unit hold close to 250 pounds.

Sterilite 19848006 18-Quart Ultra Storage Box, White Lid See-Through Base with Titanium Latches, 6-Pack

• Super clear storage boxes are durable for all your garage storage needs.
• Lids snap tight and all sizes are stackable.

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