There is ONE pet friendly motion sensor security lights product that's available...

There seems to be only one pet friendly motion sensor security lights product.

The majority of the motion sensor security lights will activate when a living object moves within 20 feet or 30 feet of the security light. The problem is, a pet dog or cat will activate the motion sensor and the security light will turn on.

However, there IS a pet friendly motion sensor security lights product that's available for you. This security light comes with an adjusting device that allows you to determine the degree of sensitivity for light activation. Note - a larger-sized dog is similar to a smaller human in body mass, so consider this motion pet friendly motion sensor security lights product appropriate for cats and smaller dogs.

Ready to view this pet friendly motion sensor security lights product?

What's great about this motion sensor security light is that it's solar powered, which means you can install it yourself without needing an electrician. The unit contains a replacable battery that lasts for 2 years and is recharged by solar power.

The detection circuit automatically turns on the light to welcome you when triggered by heat or motion at approximately 30 feet. It then turns off after you leave the area. This can also make it effective in deterring prowlers.

The bright 20-watt quartz-halogen bulb is replacable, and it lights instantly at even the coldest temperatures. The adjustable sensitivity control reduces false triggers by your cat, small dogs and other small creatures.

The unit mounts easily to wall, fascia, soffit or roof eaves. Needs no wiring. Comes with a 14-foot cord on the solar module so you can get the best sun exposure. Extra battery capacity allows up to two weeks of operation without sun. The solar sensor light comes with mounting bracket - the hardware and bulb are included.

This great home security product usually ships in 1-2 days from this reliable supplier. No matter what style of home you have - log home, contemporary home or a home in the city or country - use this pet friendly motion sensor security lights product to enhance your home lighting and security.

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