Platform beds with under bed storage for your bedroom...

Platform beds with under bed storage will convert the wasted space under your bed into convenient, top-quality storage.

Start with the base and platform which gives you twelve large dust-proof drawers under each bed that can be used with your existing mattress. If you like, add an optional lighted headboard, side tables and end drawers.

These items will hold everything you can imagine, yet none of these accessories use any floor space! Beautifully hand stained, crafted from the highest quality knotty pine.

Tongue and groove construction and the drawers glide on metal ball bearings. Utilizes wasted space, gets rid of dust and greatly increases floor space in your bedroom by eliminating free-standing dressers.

Bed System Platform Beds with Under Bed Storage - Complete Storage Bed Walnut

12 Drawer Base/Platform Queen - Each Piece Sold Separately

Far superior to spring mattresses and waterbeds, this state-of-the-art design has no springs to cause uneven pressure, so tossing and turning are eliminated! The mattress top is filled with pure wool - keeps you warm in winter, cool in summer and dry and comfortable if you perspire while sleeping.

The removable top is machined washable to rid the mattress of bacteria, molds, mildew and odor. The wool filling is especially treated for dust mites. - each piece sold separately.

Underbed Storage Chest

Underbed Storage Chest

This underbed chest lets you store items easily under the bed creating valuable storage from what would otherwise be wasted space. Made of canvas, the top panel opens for easy access.

Underbed Storage Box - Set of 6 Roll Under Bed Storage

Underbed Storage Box - set of 6

These clear, rollaway boxes are sold in sets of six. Convert hard-to-reach underbed space into storage places that are easy to access. Use to store items such as clothing, shoes, linens - anything you want to keep nearby but out of the way.

Dust proof and moisture resistant, each rolling under bed storage container has snap down buckles to secure lids.
• Dimensions are 6 inches high x 19 3/4 inches wide x 39 1/2 inches long.

Canvas Underbed Chests - Set of 2 Plastic Under Bed Storage

Canvas Underbed Chests - Set of 2

Canvas under bed plastic storage boxes or chests allow you to store items conveniently under the bed. Cedar panel inserts will both protect and freshen stored clothing while supporting the hanging closet shelf.

View stored items while keeping them dust-free with the clear-vinyl zippered tops. Sage canvas fabric with white piping makes this closet organizer both stylish and functional. Available in sets of two.

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