Looking for playroom storage units for your kids playroom?

Playroom storage units should be fun as well as practical. Kids playroom storage can be a great way for kids to begin learning how to take care of their things.

You can use storage for the playroom for art supplies, games, books, toys, sports equipment, shoes and blankets. And a playroom storage unit that a child enjoys and has selected is more likely to be used!

You can buy bin storage unit baskets, toy chests, bin organizers, hampers, baskets, corner shelves, step stool with storage, under the bed storage drawers, toy box bench, end of bed storage bins, toy caddies...these are all accessible storage options for your kids.

A chest of drawers that opens without any effort is also a good idea. Toy boxes and toy caddies are great playroom storage units for storing toys, books or building supplies. Some of these items have safe, slow closing safety hinges, which are a good idea for kids rooms.

Low shelving is recommended for the kids room. If you decide to use a stand alone bookcase in your kid's rooms, make sure you don't place any items they may want on the upper shelves for safety reasons. Accessible storage works best for all kids!

Consider keeping the upper shelves empty and store toys and books on the bottom shelves.

The maximum suggested top shelf height for a 45 inch-tall child should be about the same height of 45 inches.

If your teenager is 62 inches tall, for example, he or she can easily and safely see on the top shelf and reach up to 66 inches.

If the top shelf is much taller than the child, they will have to resort to some way of climbing on something to see on the top shelf.

Any open shelving you include in your kids' rooms, make sure you attach it to the wall studs for safety reasons. If anyone climbs the shelf... it will not fall on top of any of the kids. Custom built computer center or a regular desk with lots of shelves and storage is another consideration for your kids' rooms.

Here are some fun and practical playroom storage units that may provide you with usable playroom storage ideas. All playroom storage items are available conveniently online from these quality merchants. Enjoy your search.

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