Find a portable fireplace and outdoor fireplaces.

A portable fireplace appliance is an all-in-one unit that includes both the burner and a shell that resembles a fireplace or woodstove. They do not require any chimney or other form of venting.

Indoors, many of the portable fireplaces can be moved from room to room. Just place one of these wonderful fireplaces anywhere in a room and you're ready to enjoy.

The combustion efficiency of many fireplaces today is nearly 100%, thanks to burners designed with fixed jets.

This means that all the heat produced is warming the room, not escaping through the flue or chimney.

Many of the fireplaces that are portable burn a special kind of fuel - jel fuel or RealFlame fuel.

These fireplaces are truly ventless and can even be used in states where woodburning fireplaces are not allowed. With all the choices available, you will find plenty of ways to enjoy the warmth of a "wood" fire.

Some fireplaces have no chimney nor wood or expensive gas or electrical hook-ups. These portable fireplaces are ventless, portable and are safe - you will have no messy soot, no creosote dirt, odors or problems with bugs coming in from the chimney.

Most decorative fireplaces are ventless, portable and need no hookup. Place it in any room of your home, office, apartment or cabin for great enjoyment.

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