Powder room decorating ideas and designer powder rooms information for your home.

Powder room decorating ideas and powder rooms bathrooms are essential in any home. If you are planning to add an extra space of this kind, doing so can be a good investment.

If you ever decide to sell your home, potential buyers will enjoy buying a home that has enough bathrooms for their family. Most designer powder rooms bathrooms consist of a toilet, a sink or vanity and some room for storage.

If your home is large, you may have the option to build using two sinks or two vanities, toilet, tub/shower and a lot more storage space.

Building a small bathroom, renovating your half bathroom or powder room in your home to reduce congestion in the morning or evenings or when you are entertaining can be a welcomed convenience for everyone.

If your home is small, the bathroom or powder room can even be located in an existing space such as a closet, near the laundry room or near the mudroom.

By having a bathroom downstairs near the kitchen, laundry, under the stairs or mudroom will allow the children or friends at outdoor parties to use the nearest powder room available and not track dirt or mud through the entire house.

When building or remodeling, always consider how the space will be used and who will be using it. This will determine the layout and what type of fixtures you will be having for the area.

If you have children and elderly family members, you may want to select fixtures (grab bars, grab rails and anti-scalding valves, for example), layout and materials (non-slippery surfaces) that are appropriate for all of them.

Make sure you determine what type of powder room decorating do you need or want.

• Are you looking for a spa-like ambiance?

• Are you wanting another space to reduce the morning rush only and help your family move faster and more efficiently?

• Or are you looking for a bathroom that gives you every single possibility?

Use graph paper to draw several layouts of your new or powder room remodeling project. Create several templates with several layouts and use the measurements of the fixtures you want to use.

Allow enough clearance between your fixtures - check your local plumbing code requirements for this information.

Powder room decorating ideas and powder rooms & flooring.

• Powder room decorating - if possible, using the space above the toilet for a beautiful picture that you love is an excellent powder room remodeling idea.

Try it! Since most bathroom wall space is in short supply, you may have to decide between using this space for a favorite picture or using the space for storage.

• More designer powder room ideas - place a flower arrangement on top of your vanity. Fill wicker baskets with soaps, sponges, bubble baths and loofahs.

You can roll some of your colorful towels and place them in wicker baskets around the bathroom and add scented candles to your space.

• Another designer idea - add mirrors from wall to wall and counter top to ceiling in your bathroom.

Place several mirrors around the area that you want to use for exercise to reflect light and extend the room. The mirrors will give you the same sensation as if they were windows.

Powder room flooring can be done with laminate or vinyl, wood, ceramic tile, stone (granite, marble and slate), concrete and synthetic solid surfaces. Some homeowners use carpet in their bathrooms but...it is not a recommended material for this area's flooring.

Books for powder room remodeling or construction.

Design Ideas for Bathrooms by Susan Boyle Hillstrom and Mark Samu.

Covers planning, layout, budget, design, style and function of your dream bathroom. Learn more about cabinet styles, islands, peninsulas, types of countertops, flooring, appliances and lighting.

Design Ideas for Bathrooms includes numerous color photos and will help you with powder room decorating ideas, powder rooms & flooring, designer powder rooms and powder rooms bathrooms decorating.

Online, you can find books that cover designs of master bathrooms, family powder room decorating ideas, fixtures, storage and new technology.

Learn as much as you can about the design concepts that will provide you the space you will enjoy for years to come.

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