Are you looking for Ralph Lauren bath towels and Ralph Lauren home towels for your bathroom?

Ralph Lauren bath towels are the BEST! And there's a reason - they are made from 100% cotton, Egyptian or Pima cotton - two of the softest and finest cottons available.

There is nothing worse than stepping from a nice invigorating shower or bath, reaching for a towel and discovering...you have no towels there.

Make sure you always keep plenty of rolled towels in a basket or cabinet near your tub or shower. And you'll certainly enjoy every moment spent with Ralph Lauren bath towels!

Cotton is a natural fiber harvested from the cotton plant's seed pod, of course.

Cotton is a staple raw material used on its own or in blends to create new fabrics.

Some of the main types of cotton used are:

• American upland is a good basic cotton,
• Egyptian cotton is a very fine cotton from Egypt,
• Pima cotton is a superb quality cotton.

Cotton is generally machine washable and dry-able unless otherwise indicated on the care label.

Ralph Lauren home towels are so very soft and absorbent because of the high quality Egyptian and Pima cottons used. That's why some people refer to these as Egyptian Ralph Lauren polo bath towels home collection.

The weight of your towels can actually be a reliable indicator of the quality of the product! For example, an average-quality towel weighs about 12 pounds per dozen, while the most luxurious towels range up to 18 pounds per dozen!

But - having said that - don't go running into your local retailer asking to buy your towels by the pound! The sales person WILL look at you...well..."funny"...

Bath rugs made from cotton usually come with a reinforced backing. These types of rugs are soft and offer great absorbency, but they dry more slowly and shrink more than synthetic-fiber rugs.

Enjoy online the great Ralph Lauren home towels and the Ralph Lauren towels discount sale prices!

Ralph Lauren bath towels can be ordered online from reliable sources...

How much time does one spend driving to the mall, parking and shopping? It's no wonder more and more online purchases are made, especially from quality suppliers. In a few minutes, your shopping is done online!

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