You Can Buy Range Hoods Kitchen Exhaust Fans Online.

Cooktops, stoves and ranges should have range hoods kitchen exhaust fans or ventilation hoods to eliminate cooking vapors, smoke, steam and cooking odors. The size of your kitchen hood should be related to the size of your range or cooktop.

When you buy range hoods kitchen exhaust fans, the range hood should overlap the cooking area by 3 inches or more on the sides.

As for the proper fan size, you should have about 50 cubic feet per minute (cfm) capacity for each square foot of cooking area.

For example, with a 3' by 3' cooking area, having a fan capacity of 450 cfm would be the minimum size (3 x 3 = 9 and 9 x 50 = 450).

And if you cook a lot, you can increase the size to 500-600 cfm - the extra cost will not be that much.

If you will be using a wall-mounted exhaust fan, allow about 100 cfm per square foot of cooking area, and use 300 cfm per square foot of cooking area for island exhaust fans.

Fans are rated in "sones" based on the amount of noise they produce. A rating of "1 sone" means that it is the quietest, higher numbers will be noisier. Of course, quieter fans are more desirable.

Online, you can find quality range hoods that you can order from dependable suppliers. Use the speed of the internet to find the quality range hoods that are just what you need for your kitchen.

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