Here is wonderful rattan and chair furniture for your patio and home...

Woven rattan and chair furniture is made from a climbing palm that is very long and thin, like a vine. This palm grows in southeastern Asia to heights of 100 to 300 feet and it rarely grows thicker than 2 inches in diameter. When rattan is harvested, it is usually cut into 10-20 foot long poles which are very strong.

Rattan woven chairs and furniture is made from these rattan poles which have been treated and bound into all kinds of shapes. Wicker refers to the process used to make the furniture, not the fibers used.

Rattan and chair furniture can be made of aged willow bury, rattan, bamboo or other pliable materials.

Wicker furnishings are made by weaving coarse fibers loosely together around a frame, a process dating back to early Egyptian times.

Bamboo is a material often used to make rattan woven chairs and furniture. Bamboo is resistant to moisture and discoloration, and the bamboo poles can be used in outdoor and indoor furniture and flooring.

Bamboo eases environmental concerns, can be harvested in about 5 years, is harder than Red Oak and even Australian Cypress and does not deplete the Earth's resources.

Enjoy the rattan and chair furniture shown below - the items shown are available online from these quality suppliers.

Rattan Dining Set and Rattan Woven Chairs icon


Rattan Woven Chairs and Dining Set - made of durable whole-core rattan woven on a solid wood frame. The table comes with a thick, beveled glass top. The rattan and chair cushions have a soft, poly-fiber core upholstered in either pale green mini-whale or rose floral fabric. Units are imported.

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