Are you looking for reproduction cobalt glassware for your home?

Reproduction cobalt glassware is a wonderful greenish-blue color that complements your home decor. Cobalt is a lustrous silver-white magnetic mettalic element that is related to iron and nickel. Cobalt blue is a greenish blue pigment that mainly consists of cobalt oxide and alumina.

When used in modern-day glassware, the resulting visual impression of reproduction cobalt glassware is one of traditional elegance that easily blends into a contemporary setting.

Here are wonderful and practical cobalt reproduction glassware sets that are available online from quality and dependable suppliers.

Libbey Cobalt 16 Piece Reproduction Cobalt Glassware Set icon


• Reproduction cobalt glassware in vibrant blue is a set of 16 glasses.
• Reproduction cobalt glassware set includes 8 tall tumbler-style glasses and 8 short old fashioned-style glasses for your home.

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