Rustic bathroom design, rustic bathrooms and ideas for your home or log home bathrooms.

Rustic bathrooms and rustic bathroom design - rustic means like the country, or the countryside, or with wildlife and natural designs...and rustic bathroom design is WONDERFUL!

Whether you're planning log home bathrooms, log cabin bathrooms or bathrooms for home styles ranging from country to contemporary - rustic bathrooms are warm, inviting and enjoyable.

There are questions you can ask about rustic bathrooms. Once you have the answers to these types of questions, you can better define the type of bath you will be building - master bath, children's bath, guest bath or compact bath.

When designing your rustic bathroom, some of the first questions you should answer include:

• How big will the bathroom be?
• How much do you want to spend?
• Where are you going to place the toilet? Are you going to place your toilet visible through an open door?
• Is your bathroom large enough for both a tub and shower?
• Are you planning to have convenient storage in the bathroom?
• How many people will be using the same bathroom at the same time?
• Would you like to have exercise equipment, whirlpool or hot tub in the bathroom?
• How many electrical outlets near the sink, vanity or around the area where you may be locating a television or stereo equipment are you planning to have?
• Are you considering having two sinks and vanities for storage in your bathroom?
• Do you have enough lighting and ventilation planned for your bathroom?
• Are you planning to install grab bars near the shower and tub?

You can also start making decisions about bathing fixtures, finishes, materials, bathroom storage accessories and lighting for your bathroom.

When doing your rustic bathroom design, take advantage of natural light with a skylight, windows, glass doors and glass blocks, without compromising your privacy. A well placed window is an important asset in your bathroom, and it is a great rustic bathroom design idea.

You will also need to choose your lighting fixtures for general lighting, decorative lighting, night lighting and good task lighting for your bathroom. This is called artificial lighting.

Task lighting is quite important in the bathroom because it will help you with grooming, shaving and applying makeup.

Large bathrooms should have tub, shower and toilet compartments. This is because two or three people will be able to use the same bathroom at the same time with more privacy.

These compartments should have their own lighting fixtures, because compartmented baths are very functional, but can be darker if designed or planned incorrectly.

Light fixtures for the tub and shower need to be protected or enclosed to prevent electrical shock.

An infrared heat lamp mounted outside the tub or shower should help keep you from getting chilly as you exit the tub or shower. For bathrooms, it is also recommended that you use fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

Add night lights to your bathroom for your trips in the middle of the night. Use dimmer switches on most of your bathroom light fixtures. You will be able to vary the brightness and mood in the bathroom, you will reduce your electrical bill and will add drama to your bathroom.

Based on size, you can build several types of rustic bathroom design and log home bathrooms:

Master bathroom or full bathroom - this type of bathroom is usually built near the bedrooms and has one or two sinks, toilet, tub and shower. In this type of bathroom, the minimum size should be 5 x 7 feet up to at least 6 x 9 feet.

Children's bathroom, guest bathroom or three-quarter bathroom - this bathroom will have one sink, toilet and a shower stall and the space should be 6 x 6 feet.

Compact bathroom or half bathroom - this type of bathroom will have a sink and toilet and their dimensions tend to be 4 x 5 feet or 3 x 7 feet.

More rustic bathroom design ideas...if your bathroom is small, there are several things you can do to make the room feel or appear larger.

• Use light colors on the walls and floor. Bright and dark colors will make the room look smaller.
• Small tiles and small patterns are best for small bathrooms.
• Using mirrors along the walls is an attractive way to widen the room. Mirrors will create a sense of openness in the bathroom, making the space appear larger than actual dimensions. Mirrors will enhance the lighting in the room because of the reflecting capability of mirrors.
• Horizontal lines work best at visually enlarging the room - vanity tops, shelving and cabinets are best for a small bathroom.

More rustic bathroom design ideas...storage is essential in your bathroom design.

Have plenty of cabinet and drawer space under your vanity for your grooming supplies and toiletries.

You should find vintage vanities with an antique or contemporary look for your bathroom decor.

Have a place in your bathroom for most items so visual clutter is reduced:

• Blow dryers and other appliances,
• Shampoos,
• First aid supplies,
• Cleaning materials,
• Dental care accessories,
• Medications and much more.

Medicine cabinets offer a place to store medicines, vitamins, dental or hair products and perhaps first-aid supplies. You should find medicine cabinets to match your rustic bathroom decor. Some even include towel bars, hooks, drawers and framed mirrors.

Wall or recessed cabinets are great for storage. Hang cabinets above the tub and over the toilet to place decorative bottles, shampoo, lotion, bath toys, toilet paper and other supplies.

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