Are you looking for rustic bathroom vanities?

Rustic bathroom vanities give you a great deal of storage in your bathroom. A bathroom vanity provides out of sight storage for your bathroom items, and it helps define the look and style of your bathroom.

There is never enough storage in the bathroom...to add shelves, built-in cabinets, stand alone cabinets, over-the-toilet cabinets, and drawers are always an excellent idea.

Vanities hold the counter-top, sink and faucets, and if your bathroom is large, you should have a longer vanity with two sinks.

These styles of rustic bathroom vanities sinks will allow two persons to be in the bathroom at the same time. The bathroom vanities that combine drawers and doors are very functional and useful.

Don't buy a simple vanity cabinet made of particleboard put together with a cheap door that you'll be looking at every day...and will only last for a couple of years, which is not very green friendly.

Explore practical options for the different kinds of quality cabinets for your bathroom. It's an important decision, one that will provide you functionality and enjoyment for a long time.

When looking for rustic bathroom vanities, you should find a variety of different styles from traditional to contemporary, made from woods like walnut, oak, maple, cherry and high-gloss lacquer.

Rustic bathroom vanities allow you to have a place for several items in your bathroom and provide easy access to the supplies for the entire family.

If you buy an antique or reproduction rustic bathroom vanity, use also antique or reproduction sinks and fixtures. For counter-tops, it is quite common to use granite, slate, tile, concrete and old pine slabs for a rustic look.

Rustic bathroom flooring looks great with rustic terra-cotta tiles, bricks, field-stones and aged wood flooring.

You will find rustic bathroom vanities come in two styles:

• Face frame vanity cabinets - will give your bathroom a more traditional style and the hinges for the cabinet may or may not be visible.

• Frame-less vanity cabinets or European style - will give your bathroom a more modern or contemporary look and will have modern pulls, hardware and the hinges are inside the cabinet.

If you want to design a rustic looking bathroom with rustic bathroom vanities - wainscoting, rough lumber, aged surfaces and organic or natural materials are associated with rustic style, whether on the walls, around your tub or on your vanity.

To use old barn boards on the ceiling or throughout the bathroom is also viewed as rustic.

You can also use the vintage barn boards to build your vanity, place it around a large mirror, to build open shelving or any type of bathroom cabinets.

It is possible to use stumps, burls, birch bark, weathered brass or iron and other distressed finishes to any of these items for a very rustic style in your bathroom.

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