Looking for lodge style rustic bedding for your home, rustic quilts and bedding and rustic bedding suppliers?

Rustic bedding - rustic means 'like the country or the countryside'...and rustic decor bedding is WONDERFUL! Rustic quilts and bedding go well in so many home decor styles.

For high quality bed coverings, thread count for rustic bedding home furnishings is an important consideration!

Thread count is the quantity of vertical threads and horizontal threads found in a one inch by one inch piece of fabric.

Sheet thread count varies from 80-700 with the majority ranging from 180-320.

The higher the thread count is, the higher the quality of the fabric will be, which gives a more soft feel.

However, keep in mind that higher thread count doesn't mean the sheet will last for a longer time. After you decide what fabric and design you like - try to select the fiber that's best for you.

You should be able to choose from the following materials:

cotton - (percale, sateen, flannel, organdy)

linen - (linen, damask, venise)

silk - (brocade, charmeuse, chiffon, organza, doupioni, silk satin)

wool - (flannel, felt, jersey, tweed, merino, gabardine)

synthetic fabric - (acetate, acrylic, nylon, polyester

If you're interested in rustic bedding comforters, here's a definition of comforter:

An insulating layer made of a large sealed envelope of fabric filled with down product or synthetic fill.

Usually covers the top and sides of a mattress but does not extend to cover the box springs or bed frame.

Comforters are found in a variety of quilted patterns and textures and may be adorned with cording along the edges.

If you buy a down comforter, be sure you remove the comforter from the packaging and allow several hours for the items to recover and go back to their full loft.

Airing out your down comforter will also help remove odor. From time to time, air the comforter outside in fresh air to help keep its fluffiness.

Your down comforter should only require cleaning every three to five years. Dry cleaning is recommended. You can spot clean small stains with warm water and mild soap.

Don't be surprised if your new rustic decor bedding has a slightly stiff feel to the fabric.

To help it stay free of wrinkles and looking new, manufacturers often use stiffening agents on the fabric.

When you wash your sheets and comforter frequently, you may notice them becoming more soft and comfortable with time.

When you purchase machine-washable rustic bedding home furnishings, be sure you wash them before you use them.

When you decide what you want for your bedroom, make sure you mix and match pillows on your bed. Pillows with different flower fabrics mix well with solid or stripe materials, for example.

Be inventive and use unusual materials - you will enjoy the results! Mix and match lots of pillows and throw one or two pillows off kilter so as to be more inviting and exciting.

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