Use rustic ceiling fans to create a country ambiance in your home.

Are looking for rustic ceiling fans? In the home, these fans contribute to the decor of the room, they circulate air and are a simple way to expand your heating and cooling options.

Not only can you easily install rustic ceiling fans almost anywhere - AND possibly do it yourself - you can upgrade an existing fan with a light kit for a coordinated look. In other words, you don't have to purchase an entirely new unit - you can adapt the old one.

Most units have controls that let you adjust the speed from high to medium to low. Rustic ceiling fans add beauty and functionality and create an important visual focal point in the room.

Many people think that a fan which can reverse the spinning direction makes it kind of toy. Not so!

In fact, the units which can reverse direction save VERY large amounts of energy - just by moving air around the room in different directions, in different seasons. Counterclockwise in summer and clockwise in winter.

You may save as much as 40% on your utility bill during the summer months and 10% during the winter months by using this kind of fan and adjusting your thermostat accordingly.

Installing a fan/light combination will reduce your dependence on an air conditioner and improve the comfort of the room when it is used regularly.

Fans have dimmers and remote controls for extra lighting options, convenience and easy operation.

Dimmers and controls allow you to change the speed and the light intensity of the fan. With the wide selection of available styles, creating a comfortable and attractive home has never been simpler.

For your bedroom, a hand-held remote control helps you make the adjustments during the evening without getting up. In other rooms, either a wall or remote control will keep you from having to reach up for the fan every time you want to make an adjustment.

Rustic ceiling fans with bears and moose decor.

Yellowstone Indoor - 5 Blade 52 Inch Log Cabin Rustic Ceiling Fans - Burnished Bronze

Adorned unit offers traditional styling at its best.

• Heavy duty 3 speed motor.
• Has 56 inches blade span and 14 degree blade pitch.
• Bronze finish is perfect for your log cabin decor.
• Has wildlife motifs including moose, deer, bear and evergreen trees.

Hunter Auberville 44-Inch Five-Light Dark Cherry/Medium Oak-Blades Rustic Ceiling Fans for Your Home, New Bronze

Beautiful rustic ceiling fans is ideal for any room, outdoor porch or patio dining areas - ceiling fan light and indoor rustic ceiling fan.
• Traditional fan can be installed without light kit.

Rustic copper ceiling fans and rattan ceiling fans are examples of a unique modern ceiling fans that have 52 inches or 44 inches blade span.

Rustic copper ceiling fans have a 15 degree blade pitch which moves more air, and the fan blades are made of several different types of wood.

You can find ceiling fans that are hand painted with a pattern that gives a room an uniquely exotic touch. There are unique modern rustic ceiling fans that have oversize fan blades for increased air movement.

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