Rustic country and primitive decor - creative ideas for decorating your home with rustic country style and rustic country decorating.

Rustic country and primitive decor suggests simplicity and comfort. The use of rough finishes will add charm and elegance to this style of home.

Ceilings and walls can be decorated and lined with white birch bark, ceiling beams made of all types of woods, aged beams or antique barn boards that are stunning and will go well with rustic country and primitive decor.

For rustic country decorating, the use of twigs, whole branches with knots, tree stumps, burls and roots has been a popular addition to rustic country style homes.

Whether used on the railings of a stairway, on the mantel of your fireplace or on the winding legs of a basic chair in your house, this different but popular style can be both beautiful and sophisticated.

You can find furniture made of materials such as horns, birch-bark veneer, old hickory, twigs, aspen, log 'elbows', cedar, pine, oak, ash, walnut and many other woods from around the world.

Horn furniture that is made from cattle, deer, elk and buffalo horns tends to be associated with the 'American West' frontier life and seems to be used for more masculine rooms such as libraries, billiards rooms and smoking dens.

Timeworn antique furniture, reproductions, natural materials, painted with floral or animal motifs, wood furniture painted to imitate wood grain or marble, wood furniture painted with bright colors and with geometric shapes or local textile patterns and wood furniture with American Indian motifs will all give you a great rustic country style.

Any rustic piece of furniture, wicker, cast iron and antique furniture will work well in your home with rustic country style.

Art on the walls, attractive fabrics and this style of furniture will make your home very beautiful.

Rustic country decorating and rustic country and primitive decor uses worn finishes, suggesting a lot of use as well as natural materials.

Rustic country and primitive decor for your kitchen uses open shelves, buffets, plate racks and painted farmhouse cupboards.

If there is space for kitchen furniture, consider using as many antiques or reproductions in the kitchen as you can. And antiques do not have to be perfect to be both valuable and charming.

Chips and scratches are great because imperfections will add to the charm of the furniture. Cupboards, open-top cupboards and hutches are usually made of maple, oak, pine and walnut.

This type of storage will look great with natural finishes or perhaps painted an off-white, cottage white, blue, apple green, antique red, gray or antique black.

Built-in corner cupboards can be placed in your kitchen with your other kitchen cabinets to give you a rustic country style.

Unfitted kitchen cabinets will go well with vintage or antique open wall shelves, cupboards and hutches.

Your kitchen cabinets don't have to be the same style or finish as the cupboard or hutch to achieve the style you want.

Country style kitchens could have a massive fireplace or a wood stove - rural kitchens used their fireplace for cooking and to warm up the house and the family.

Depending on your income level, you can either have a small and cozy farmhouse made with local woods and simple but sturdy country furnishings. You probably needed to milk the cow in the morning...so you needed a strong stool to do your job.

Some families may have had a few rocking chairs to warm up near the fireplace, rough walls and ceilings, a pine kitchen table to eat and prepare the meals and several quilts.

Families that had more money built rural homes that were larger and more elegant. They had columned porches that were screened, they used woods from other areas and countries, they had more rooms in the house and their furniture style was more traditional, elaborate and sophisticated.

They had more ornamental fireplaces that were used to only warm up the room and the walls were more colorful with hand-painted murals and wallpapers.

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Rustic country and primitive decor and rustic decor.

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