Are you looking for home decor ideas? Learn more about rustic country decor and country rustic living ideas for your home.

For the perfect rustic country decor and country rustic living ideas, you will need Adirondack furniture, log furniture and old hickory furniture.

This type of Adirondack furniture is decorated with birch bark on solid wood. Twigs or antlers can be added to the furniture, which makes it very beautiful and gives the home a country and rustic feel.

You should find hutches, cupboards, sofas, bookshelves, sideboards and bedroom sets adorned with twigs, leather or metal and made of maple, aspen, pine, oak, redwood and many other woods.

Some pieces of furniture have horns, twigs, roots, logs and antlers to decorate the furnishings which add high drama to the room and country rustic living ideas.

Most rustic country decor homes will have fireplaces made of natural stones, brick and local wood mantels...

The staircases will be dramatic with banister and railings made of antlers and tree branches with twists and turns called burls, windows with a nice view, built-ins and large pieces of furniture.

Fireplaces are a great focal point in your home and you can also add an ornate wood-stove, accessories, iron fire-tool sets, racks for firewood and hearth screens for a country look.

Large decorative mirror with twigs or antlers are available for niches with beautiful paintings or an art collection can be frequently used as focal points in any room for log home decorating, primitive home decor and rustic country homes.

Sofas upholstered with different materials, cowhide and leather can be adorned with elk antlers, horns and cow feet.

Rocking chairs, armchairs, rustic side tables, Persian area rugs, American Indian rugs, native American ceramics, baskets and other similar accessories are beautiful for primitive home decor and country rustic living ideas.

Baskets are often used as rustic home decorations to storing items like pine cones, flowers, wood, plants and those hand-made craft treasures.

Candle holders made of brass, oil lamps, sconces, metal lanterns, recessed ceiling fixtures and metal or wrought-iron chandeliers are successful overall lighting for country rustic living ideas.

Bathroom design should use antiques made of wood or reproductions of antique cabinets and vanities or built-in cabinets made of old barn boards or wainscoting.

These materials will provide for a peaceful and elegant space. Using a pedestal sink, a claw-foot tub, faucets of antique brass and antique sinks and fixtures will give your bathroom a wonderful country and rustic feel.

Lighting can change visually your room dimensions.

Very often, if a room is small, washing the walls with an even layer of light will make the space appear larger. Small rooms should also be painted with light colors.

Rustic lighting fixtures, antler chandeliers, old hickory lighting, bear table lamps, floor lamps and sconces are the different types of artificial lighting that can be added to your home.

When you buy these primitive home decor plus country and rustic furniture and lighting, they are typically made of cedar, maple, birch, rawhide, leather, acorns, pine cones, burls and many other organic materials from the various regions where they are built to give it a rustic look.

The definition of rustic means rude, unsophisticated with a rough finish. These types of furniture below are certainly made of rough branches of trees including the bark but...it is certainly not unsophisticated. It is beautiful, refined and very exotic for country rustic living ideas homes.

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