Rustic decor and rustic country style decor!

Rustic decor country style and cottage style home decor are both related to American country style with borrowed traditions from French, English, German and Swedish country styles.

One can define rustic country style decor and cottage style home decor as unfinished, simple with charm, perhaps time worn and with qualities that are endearing.

Primitive and rustic decor can mean it is made from natural woods, surfaces that are aged, rougher finishes, simple lines, distressed painted furniture, wrought iron and rustic construction.

Cottages are considered to be rustic, cozy and modest small homes usually built of stone, river rock or logs.

These homes tend to have one or two fireplaces made of stone or brick with an aged wood mantel...on the mantel, homeowners used to display their collections and best pottery pieces.

Rustic country style decor and cottage style home decor floors are made of stone or wood. Wooden floors in the old times were built of pine boards that were waxed by hand or sometimes painted.

Rustic country home decorations are about handmade, flea markets finds and vintage handcrafted objects and furnishings that appeal to you.

It is about simplicity and connecting to nature - the use of clay pots, animal skins, wicker baskets, quilts, leather furniture or furniture made with twigs, antlers or hickory.

Rustic cottage furniture may often be made of pine and finished naturally or painted with a distressed finish.

To embellish the furniture, designs are often painted on by hand. The most popular chairs used are ladderback chairs and wooden chairs.

Furniture can also be made with willow twigs, hickory, horns and antlers.

Stumps, roots, logs, metal, wildlife figures, weathered wood, pine cones and trees can decorate the furniture in the room to provide the distressed and rustic look you are looking for.

A pie safe cabinet with tin doors with a design like pineapple or grapevine, country hutches, open shelving and country cupboards are all typical storage for any room in the house, where you can display any collectibles, books, glassware or items you may want to show off.

Handpainted or handcarved wood trunks can also be added to any room for linens, bedding, clothes and toys. Baskets are often used as rustic country home decorations for storing pine cones, firewood, flowers or plants.

Other items to use could include oil or kerosene lamps, candle holders made of brass, ceiling fixtures that are recessed, vintage metal chandeliers or wrought iron fixtures that can create successful rustic decor in a country home.

Rustic country decor colors could range from earth tones, white or bone all the way to blues, greens and barn reds.

For a rustic kitchen, use shelves that are open, buffets, cupboards and plate racks for your storage. Country style kitchen storage can use earthenware utensils, stoneware pots and glass jars.

Pots in a country kitchen can be copper, cast iron, ceramic or even stainless steel.

You can use open shelving, hutches or cabinets with glass doors in your rustic country kitchen for displaying your dishes, glasses or other collections. A butcher block or kitchen island made of real wood would be both attractive and functional.

As for window treatments, use brighter colors like blues and off white, toile designs, plaids, pastoral scenes, flower patterns, bright yellows or any other colors of nature.

Checks, toiles and stripe patterns are used in kitchens and bedrooms for a beautiful country decorating look.

Make your window treatments color match the country decor of the room.

If your curtains have red and off white stripes for example, make sure you repeat the red on the pillows or bedding...repeating it throughout the room, without exceeding it, will add drama to the decor and will add harmony to the room.

Some rustic country bathrooms use neutral tones or off white, pastel colored walls, antique lighting, light color bath towels, antique or vintage wooden cabinets and vanity.

For the fixtures, use a pedestal sink, a claw foot tub and antique-styled brass faucets to provide a space where everyone will definitely enjoy spending time.

Rustic country home decorations plus rustic primitive and rustic decor are available online from reputable and dependable suppliers for your enjoyment and home.

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