Find rustic home plans you can have modified any way you want...

How can stock rustic home plans be the way to go to help create your dream home? Rustic home floor plans that already exist are less expensive and faster to use, because they have been built already!

They work! There's no need to re-invent the wheel here. If you can find rustic style home plans that are close to what you need - GREAT!

If you can find rustic home floor plans that already exist that are close to what you need, you'll save valuable time and money. Besides, every one that you see gives you ideas that are valuable. You can see what you want - and don't want.

There are online services with thousands of home plans, including rustic home plans - even find a luxury rustic house plan. Check out online great home plans services.

There are plans that have been built and are ready for you to use. Many of the websites have been in business for years and have quite a selection of high quality plans.

Once you find the service you want, then choose the styles you'd like to see (Log, Country, A-Frame and Craftsman, for example).

If you have a minimum or maximum # of square feet that you want, enter that at the page top plus any other requirements...

Enjoy your search!

By using the speed and power of your PC, you can quickly view dozens of rustic home plans that are ready for you to modify or build.

Many of the leading services have full-time staff designers that can make any changes you want to their rustic style home plans.

Here are other sources of rustic style home plans...

Besides searching online, you can find plenty of sources of rustic home plans in the leading log home magazines and timber frame magazines.

The plans sources can be manufacturers of kits or it could be builders of this style of home or it could be services that have stock plans that you can purchase. Just be sure that the company can make changes to stock plans for you.

See the leading log home magazines here.

Want more rustic home plans and design information?

Besides online information, there are excellent books on design, building and decorating. And this kind of decorating can be done whether you have a log home, cabin, a country home or any other style that goes well with the rustic theme. Check out these informative titles.

Inside Log Homes - The Art & Spirit of Home Decor by Cindy Teipner Thiede and Jonathan Stoke.

Covering how to create the style home you want, this resource is packed with suggestions, illustrations and text that explains the wonderful world of log cabin living.

Using 100's of unique spaces, some very cozy and familiar, others being with unexpected surprises, each of them can help you create the vision you will need to have your own very personalized home.

This kind of construction will require some special understanding of working with log wood when creating a quality and comfortable place to be enjoyed for many years.

The Rustic Cabin - Design and Architecture by Author Ralph R. Kylloe.

This rustic cabin design architecture book features log cabins that have been built more recently.

And the examples have structures that illustrate the log-building history of the settlers from Scandinavia.

The author provides photographic details of the high quality workmanship created in stone, masonry and log work.

Details are provided on combining quality antiques and modern furnishings that go so well in these kinds of homes.

You may be pleasantly surprised how much you learn when reading and viewing great rustic home/cabin books and magazines. It's one of the best ways to accumulate ideas that you'll want to use and include in YOUR rustic home plans.

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