Find tips and furnishings for rustic interior decor and rustic home decor ideas.

Furnishings for rustic interior decor and rustic home decor ideas include furniture made of pine, hickory, weathered wood and other types of woods from the local area that have been painted with a distressed-looking finish, chipped paint or natural finish.

Rustic decor and furniture can mean made of tree limbs and bark. Furniture and kitchen cabinets can be crafted with knots, twigs, antlers, logs and other natural elements for a country look.

Kitchen cabinets should have raised panel doors, glass doors, round pine knobs and cup pull handles for a rustic interior decor and rustic home decor.

Add antique or reproduction plate racks, hand-painted cupboards, open shelves made of stone, wood and metal, country pie-safe cabinet and hutches with chipped paint.

A knotty pine table with mismatched wicker chairs or wooden chairs are perfect furnishings for rustic interior decor and rustic home decor ideas.

Rustic accessories and furniture for rustic family room decorating can be leather or fabric sofas and chairs with embossed patterns or scenic prints related to nature and folk art motifs. Sofas can also be adorned with brass, wood, silver and antlers.

If what you have is a collection of comfortable contemporary sofas, this furniture will work well with other antique furnishings for rustic home decor ideas. An open fireplace as a focal point...made of wood, brick and stone will add charm to this style and will keep family and friends warm.

Weathered and exposed wood ceiling beams are very desirable and they can be finished naturally or painted with a distressed finish or stenciled.

Some walls can be paneled with horizontal planks or boards to give them a rough or rugged look.

Rustic bathroom decor should use natural materials, wood cabinets with distressed and crackled finishes, cabinet knobs that are pieces of wood or deer antlers and wainscoting made of pine.

Bathroom flooring should be of natural wood, painted wood or terra-cotta tiles that are non-slippery. Colors like white, gray, yellows, green and blues can be used on the walls of this style bathroom.

Clay pots, old bottles, blue glass jars, wicker or wire baskets, copper pans, cast iron pots, storm lanterns, wood barrels, wood decoys, mismatched china, blue and white spongeware ceramics and much more...are all accessories for rustic family room decorating, log cabin decor and log home decor.

Any type of antique ironwork furniture, whether it is for your bedroom or for an outdoor dining set is appropriate for rustic interior decor.

Find more rustic home decor ideas here. These style of homes have a variety of textures and finishes which makes them very attractive, casual and warm.

• A pencil post bedroom set,
• Antique wood bedroom sets,
• Bedroom furniture made of tree branches,
• Painted iron bed with quilts,
• Country rugs,
• Antique night-tables,
• Country trunks for storage,

Are all good examples of furnishings for any rustic and country interior decor.

Rustic homes should have a great deal of lighting. Dimmers and switches should exist for each room in the house for drama and romantic mood. Dimmers are also good energy savers for any residence.

Country style lighting includes antler chandeliers, leather wall sconces, light fixtures with wildlife figures, pine cones hickory lighting...and much more.

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