Rustic lighting fixtures for your rustic home or cabin.

Use rustic lighting fixtures to create a cozy and rustic atmosphere in your home or your cabin.

These are some of the lighting examples that will add a personal touch to every room in your house.

Rustic indoor lighting fixtures include moose or other animals sculptured lamps, rustic antler chandeliers, deer antler light fixtures, pinecone chandeliers, lighting fixtures with rough finishes and other rustic lamps.

Consider using rustic antler chandeliers and cove or cornice rustic indoor lighting fixtures.

You may want track lighting, spotlights, or wall rustic lighting fixtures. You may want under-counter lights in the kitchen for your log home.

There are several options available for lighting fixtures, and you will need to decide what will work best for you.

What works best is to use a variety of light sources and controls that can be used by the entire family at various times or while doing different tasks.

A successful rustic lighting fixtures design in your log home or cabin will allow you to feel stimulated - or relaxed - when appropriate, and it will enhance your surroundings and furnishings at the same time. In areas where you work, you will need brighter light.

Light helps you define space in your home, defines the personality of the room as well as emphasizes certain textures.

It is important to understand how to bring natural light into your home or cabin, and how to use artificial light in a creative way to add a certain drama and personality to your home. Rustic lighting fixtures are important for both practical and design reasons.

Diffuse light is more relaxing to the eye than incadescent light, which is a single bulb that is more glaring. You can use a translucent lamp shade to create diffuse light, or you can throw light up onto the ceiling or onto the wall.

Uplights need more power than downlights. They should only be used as low-voltage background lighting in combination with local sources of light.

Rooms that are used as workrooms should have more light than rooms that are used for relaxing.

General lighting or ambient lighting usually involves overhead rustic lighting fixtures that efficiently illuminate the entire room.

This overall interior lighting for your room can come from several sources - chandeliers, sconces, torcheres, windows and skylights during the day.

This type of interior lighting allows you to walk safely through the house without stumbling over anything, allows you to see well enough for cleaning, and it provides the foundation to a log home or cabin's interior's illumination.

General lighting provides even distribution of light for the entire room and it should be glare-free.

Task Lighting - gives you brighter, functional light for activities like reading, sewing, working at your computer, taking a shower or bath and working or cooking in the kitchen. Make sure you position these lights to avoid casting shadows.

Recessed down lighting, pendants, desk lamps, under cupboards lights and floor lamps can also be used in any room and provide illumination to specific areas.

Recessed lighting should be placed at least 4 to 6 feet apart if you want to use it as general lighting and 15 to 18 inches apart if used for task lighting.

Lights should be moisture-resistant if they are located in the bathroom or the kitchen. This is important with recessed rustic lighting fixtures used for tub or shower lights.

If you like to take baths and soak in the tub, make sure you buy an adjustable recessed light. You may want to adjust how bright you want the light to be depending on what you are doing and your mood.

These types of rustic lighting fixtures tend to be hidden, because you only use them at certain times, and adjustability is important to this type of lighting.

Good task lighting enhances clarity and allows you to really see what you are doing in the kitchen and other rooms in the house.

Accent Lighting - is used to highlight areas of decorative interest such as fireplaces, artwork, pictures, paintings, whirlpools, valuable ceramics, gun collections and major furniture pieces - track lighting is often used for this purpose.

Use low voltage halogen bulbs and install dimmer switches with these track lights. You need to have the option of adjusting the amount of light to fit the need of the moment.

Anything that is a focal point in your home or that you want to be noticed should have accent lighting.

Here are rustic lighting fixtures that are available online...

This type of indirect lighting can make a room look larger if the walls are light-colored or reflective. You can easily find any type and style of rustic indoor lighting fixtures to suit any decor or space requirement.

Your television rooms should use wall sconces or recessed lights as general lighting.

If you need to do homework, work in the computer or for reading - pendants, spotlights, table lamps and floor lamps are your best option.

By using multiple sources of light, you will give your log home a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Your beautiful chandeliers will provide the general lighting for each room and the light level can be controlled by dimmers and control panels for all rooms.

In addition to using rustic lighting fixtures, using windows and skylights will bring you natural sources of light into your home during daylight hours.

Whatever style home you have or are planning - log home, traditional home, country home and so on - select the rustic lighting fixtures that YOU enjoy.

The rustic indoor lighting fixtures possibilities are so varied yet so practical at the same time. Enjoy your search.

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