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There are important safety reasons for using safety grab bars bathtubs in your home's bathrooms. Which room in the typical home has more slips, falls and serious injuries?

Yes, the bathroom. The fact that you're searching online for safety grab bars bathtubs info means you're wanting to provide a safer bathroom environment.

Many people think that the need to hold onto something that is secure in this room is only needed by children, the elderly, adults recovering from illness/injury or the physically challenged.

NOT SO! Using properly installed safety devices provides help and stability for everyone entering and exiting the tub or shower.

And installing the safety grab bars bathtubs securely to the wall studs/framing system is crucial.

If the installation is only to tile, drywall or plaster - these types of installations are UNSAFE, an accident waiting to happen. Using the correct mounting hardware is also essential for a safe installation.

Grab bars configurations bath tubs

Grab bars configurations bath tubs is a search term that is related to how to install devices to hold onto for bathroom tubs.

For the installation ALONGSIDE the bathtub on the wall, there should be TWO grab bars installed.

They should each be a minimum of 48" long and be positioned horizontally. They should be no farther away from the tub end wall than 12".

On the wall along side the tub, install the lower one 9" above the top of the bathtub. Install the second one 33"-36" above the bathroom floor level.

For the grab bars AT THE END of the bathtub on the wall, there should be one installed horizontally. It should be at least 24" long. Install the end one 33"-36" above the bathroom floor level.

Correct grab bars configurations bath tubs means they will be installed in the configuration that will provide the best assistance and support for the person using them. Grab bars are helpful for everyone using the bathtub.

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