Sauna rooms are to be enjoyed in your home.

Home health clubs with sauna, hot tub and whirlpool have become very popular. But there's no reason why you can't have your own professional quality equipment in your own home - many folks already do!

As with the health club, you need to be sure that children are always properly supervised when they use the equipment.

A sauna room does not require plumbing, but you need to have an electric heater and wooden benches for comfort while you are in this area with your family or friends.

Saunas are great for reducing stress, improving relaxation, eliminating all kinds of muscular aches and reducing inflammation by increasing blood flow if you have arthritis.

Most people find that the sauna:

• 1- relieves cold symptoms and other minor illnesses - the hot temperatures kill cold and flu viruses,
• 2- relieves muscles aches and pains after intense physical exertion,
• 3- improves circulation and blood flow - giving you higher energy levels,
• 4- clears many complexion problems like acne and eczema, and also improves skin tone elasticity,
• 5- expels toxins by getting rid of some fat accumulated in your body with sweat bathing,
• 6- provides relaxation and stress relief while in a comfortable warm temperature.

The physical and mental health effects of the sauna are quite varied and are numerous. People that use a dry heat bath frequently enjoy feeling content and peaceful. Also, the body can feel rejuvenated as the harmful toxins are being eliminated from the body.

Experiencing the sauna can leave one feeling full of energy and very alive.

Your senses will be sharper and you will be more sensitive. In the sauna, your skin will sweat, which allows your body to remove dirt and clean your pores.

Before you use a sauna, make sure:

• You don't drink alcohol before or while you are using the sauna.
• Avoid eating a large meal before you go to the sauna. It is better to eat after you use it.
• Pregnant women should be careful when using a sauna. Consult your doctor before you use it.
• People with high blood pressure or heart problems should consult their doctor before using this kind of equipment.

If you have arthritis, the heat you receive in the sauna can reduce pain because higher temperatures will increase the production of endorphins and increase blood flow levels and vasodilation, which gives more mobility and reduces pain.

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