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When buying shower curtains, the standard size is 6 feet long with 12 holes along the top for the hoops that attach to the curtain rod. Different from a shower liner, the shower curtain is the decorative layer that hangs outside a shower drainage basin. In most cases, this is a bathtub.

A shower liner is a waterproof curtain that hangs inside the shower drainage basin or tub by hoops from the curtain rod.

A shower liner comes in colors, patterns or clear and protects the decorative shower curtains.

You can search online for attractive designer fabric shower curtains, colorful fabric shower curtains and other beautiful bathroom shower curtains. The internet provides so many options when shopping...

When considering shower curtain styles, select a fabric that would be considered the most durable, one that provides you with many choices in colors and design. A website with bathroom fabric shower curtains is shown below - enjoy shopping online.

Lenox "Butterfly Meadow" Shower Curtain,72x70" Designer Fabric Shower Curtains

• Designer fabric shower curtains with flowers and butterflies for your bathroom.
• Fabric shower curtains are made of vinyl.

Martha Stewart Collection Solid Designer Shower Curtain

• Martha Stewart shower curtain is made of cotton.
• Shower curtain is 72 inches x 72 inches.

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