Use shower grab bars and seats to reduce bathroom accidents.

Shower grab bars provide safety and assistance for everyone exiting and entering the shower. With the bathroom being the room in the house with the most accidents, questioning the design and layout of the room with SAFETY in mind is time well spent.

Consider who will be using the bathroom on a regular basis. Are young children going to be stepping in and out of the stall or tub area daily?

Will elderly family members be using the area? Even healthy adults benefit from the stability provided by grab bars to hold onto when moving about on a wet floor.

Grab bars for showers are available online in a variety of styles and finishes to match any home decor. Seats provide stability for persons that might lose their balance while standing.

Bathroom Shower Grab Bars Installation

Installation may be determined and regulated by local building codes in your area. In general, there are two requirements for these kinds of safety products' installation.

The first requirement is to have units that are a minimum of 18" in length.

The second requirement is that they be installed between 33"-36" above the shower floor level. Doing so will have them located in a way that guarantees easy access.

An additional vital requirement is that they must be installed using appropriate hardware and they MUST be anchored to the bathroom wall studs, NOT just to the tile, sheet rock or plaster.

When you buy ADA Decorative Shower Grab Bars for bathtubs, make sure to check the labels to ensure they have been tested to withstand loads as required by the American with Disabilities Act & ASTM Standard F446.

The professional installer is responsible to ensure that the mounting area is secure and the proper mounting hardware is used. You should be able to find chrome, nickel, bronze and brass bars.

Check out bathroom safety products online that are available from reliable suppliers.

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