Easy small bathroom decorating ideas and tips when decorating small bathroom.

Decorating a small bathroom can present special challenges. And small bathroom decorating ideas can be used to make a small bathroom more enjoyable.

When decorating a small bathroom, here are suggestions, products and decorating ideas for small bathrooms that may work for you:

• 1- Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas - if you have large fixtures like a tub or vanity, consider replacing the tub with a corner shower or the vanity with a pedestal sink, wall hung sink or a corner pedestal bath sink.

Pedestal sinks use very little floor space and they are perfect for any smaller room.

Using smaller fixtures will be a good idea. Eliminate fixtures like a bidet or extra sink that may not be absolutely necessary.

If you need a divider or door for your corner shower or tub, buy a mirrored door.

A glass enclosed shower is also a good idea because it allows light into the shower and visually enlarges the space.

If you have to put up a wall, consider the use of glass blocks which gives you privacy and at the same time lets in the light.

• 2- Decorating Ideas - large mirrors on the walls will give the appearance of windows being there, will reflect light and will extend the room. The mirrors will create a sense of openness, making the room appear larger.

Natural light is an important element. This can be accomplished with a window, perhaps a wall skylight or a roof skylight to bring in natural light, a view or a dramatic sky scape. To have a skylight that can be opened to let in fresh air is a great advantage because it also reduces moisture build-up.

• 3- Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas - make sure your smaller room has enough light to avoid shadowy corners.

Ambient lighting that comes from indirect lighting fixtures can help you create a good mood and a soft glow in the room.

If your ceiling is too low, indirect lighting from uplights or wall sconces can visually "raise" it and create an illusion of height.

Make sure you use plenty of task lighting when decorating a small bathroom around your mirror for shaving or applying makeup. Your corner shower or toilet may need its own lighting fixtures. To read more about lighting, go to bathroom light fixtures

• 4- Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas - it is impossible to have too much storage space in a smaller room. Use most of your wall space efficiently using shelves or cabinets over the toilet or elsewhere. Corner shelves are a good possibility. Hang towel bars above each other for maximum usage.

A medicine cabinet can be utilized for storing items used for grooming, medicines and toiletries.

Normally, the medicine cabinet location will be over the vanity or sink, however, you can locate it elsewhere if you'd like.

A shower caddy in the shower corner can provide even more storage when decorating a small bathroom.

• 5- Decorating Ideas - do not mix a lot of materials and textures in a very small room - it could become overwhelming.

When considering color, use light colors and surfaces to make a small bathroom appear open and larger. Avoid buying frilly curtains - use light colors or simple patterns to visually help your small bathroom feel larger.

• 6- Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas - your small bathroom and color is an important factor in this room since color can affect your mood.

If you use light colors, the room will appear larger. Using darker colors will make the bathroom appear smaller. Small tiles and patterns are best when decorating a small bathroom.

• 7- Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas - avoid horizontal lines. Vertical lines work a lot better - making your room look larger.

For example, extending tile finishes and cabinetry all the way to the ceiling is a good idea, because doing so will draw the eye upwardly and will also give you extra storage space.

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