Small kitchen design ideas and space saving design ideas.

Are you looking for small kitchen design ideas?
If you have decided that you want to remodel your old small kitchen with gourmet kitchen design ideas - for starters you may want to buy state-of-the-art appliances, new cabinets, better work space or storage space and perhaps a better quality counter top material.

Your kitchen may only be large enough for the basics, but it will still require planning and good kitchen ideas design layout. Small kitchen design ideas need to help create a space that will be functional, comfortable and inviting for family and friends.

If you hire a professional designer to give you small kitchen design ideas, you still have to give him/her answers to many important questions

• What you disliked or what is wrong with your old kitchen,
• What plans do you have for the new kitchen,
• Some information about how you entertain and family habits.

You can read more about the type of questions to ask and answer about your small kitchen design ideas and to have prepared for your designer.

Most design ideas for a kitchen will need to be defined for:

• Choosing cabinets, shelves, free-standing furniture for the room (hutches and baker's rack) and the decoration style that suits your home.

• Are you going to make structural changes, adding new windows for more natural light, perhaps add skylights and new glass doors?

• Electrical alterations, rewiring and changing utilities location.

• Types of storage and planning - pantry, small appliance garages, lazy susans, slide-outs, tilt-outs, pot racks, wine storage, under-the-cabinets storage, knife storage, spices storage, cookbook storage,...

• Food preparation - refrigerator, freezer, ranges, cook top, oven, garbage disposer and ventilation.

• Cleanup center - sinks, dishwashers, recycle bins and garbage compactor.

Lighting - recessed lights, chandeliers, pendants, under-the-cabinet lights, cove lighting and wall sconces.

• Types of surfacing materials including flooring, back splashes and counter top.

• What colors will you be using on the walls?

• Are you going to have an island with task lighting, storage and breakfast bar?

• Are you going to have a nook for computer and homework area?

• Selecting fixtures - faucets and sinks.

• Selecting what type of handles, knobs and pulls you want for the cabinets.

• Will you be placing laundry machine, dryer and ironing nearby?

Basic layouts for small kitchen design ideas

• 1- Single wall kitchen layout or single line kitchen layout tends to be common in small apartments or homes and it can be part of an open plan with family room or dining room.

It consists of a long single wall with the refrigerator at one end, the sink in the middle and the stove at the other end.

In general, this type is a narrow room and has no windows or doors. Ten feet of wall space is the ideal length for this setup. Use all the space available for storage - cabinets on the wall and below.

• 2- Galley kitchen layout or galley kitchen - this type of layout is what most chefs prefer. You can have a great deal of storage, prep space and counter space on both rows.

This style creates a very efficient working triangle, with sink and stove/oven on one side and refrigerator on the other row. Make sure there is at least 48 inches between the two rows, so you can open the refrigerator door and the cabinet doors without hitting each other.

Add plenty of natural and artificial lighting to your room. The light will make it brighter, happier and will appear larger. For cooking and food preparation, make sure you add good task lighting to the space such as pendants and recessed lighting.

Consider hiring a designer to help you design your new kitchen or modify your existing one.

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