Here are several small kitchen layouts and small kitchen layout designs.

When planning small kitchen layouts and small kitchen layout designs, special challenges exist that must be overcome.

If you are renovating an apartment, designing your own home or are in some other way involved in home planning, then one of the potentially trickiest tasks you will have to deal with is to design practical and aesthetically pleasing layouts for a small kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, however, keeping that central importance intact in a small space can present problems. It's worthwhile looking closely at some potential small kitchen layouts, so that you can think about what suits your space best of all.

First of all, one must consider what constitutes well-designed small kitchen layout designs.

Any large or small kitchen in the house that is designed effectively should have an efficient, agreeable environment to store food and cooking utensils, prepare meals and clean up after.

Understanding these three crucial elements has led designers to talk of the paramount importance of the kitchen work triangle concept.

The work triangle can be understood as the distance between the sink, the refrigerator and the range or stove.

If correctly proportioned, the triangle formed by these three basic areas can give you the most efficient work space, even in layouts for a small kitchen design.

A thoughtfully designed work triangle can keep to a minimum your movement between the three distinct areas, while also making sure that you have enough actual space in which to work effectively.

A rule of thumb that designers of small kitchen layouts often use is to consider that each ‘leg' of the triangle should be no less than 4 feet and no greater than 9 feet for maximum efficiency.

So, let's look then at some possibilities when planning layouts for a small kitchen:

• 1 - Perhaps the most popular of the layouts for smaller spaces is the L – shaped kitchen, consisting of two walls – one long, one short. This is obviously common in studio apartments or holiday rentals.

This would mean having two of the three key appliances on one wall, so it would be necessary to keep the length of each ‘leg' of the triangle in mind.

A possible benefit of this shape is that it might offer the option of having a center island unit if there is sufficient space.

• 2. The next common design for a smaller room is the U – shaped kitchen which will have three walls rather than two.

In this case, it is most common for the sink to be situated on the middle wall with the other two major items on walls opposite to each other. Keep in mind what the ideal size of your work triangle is, however.

• 3. It is just possible that space is so limited that you have to design a small kitchen which is a single – wall kitchen.

If this is the case, then it is usually thought best to situate the sink in between the refrigerator and the range. For practicality, ensure that the fridge door does not open towards the sink.

• 4. A galley – shaped kitchen is also a possibility in smaller properties. In order to maintain the work triangle, it is best in a galley kitchen to have your stove on one wall and your other two items on the wall opposite.

• 5. If you should discover when doing your design that you have more space than you originally thought likely, then it might be possible to incorporate a double L – shaped kitchen, which would give you more than enough cabinet space and work surfaces.

You could even create two distinct working areas to enable two people to comfortably work in the same area.

• 6. Currently quite fashionable are G – shaped kitchens, which again provide the room with that invaluable fourth wall, thus allowing more storage space or work counters.

It's distinctly possible, in these kinds of designs, to be able to create two work triangles and even have two sinks or two separate cooking areas.

When you have decided upon your small kitchen layout designs, you will need to think about the kinds of cabinet, work surface and coloring you will want to use.

It is generally recommended that light colored wooden cabinets and surfaces make the space look and feel much larger than darker woods, which can give an enclosed and almost claustrophobic atmosphere.

Similarly, consider using colors on the walls such as subtle pastels or bright, light and happy colors.

There is no reason why, bearing these guidelines in mind, you should not be able to create small kitchen layouts that can still be functional and efficient but also still remain the heart of the home, despite its size limitations.

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