Enjoy great tasting food with smoker grills and smoker pits!

Smoker grills and smoker pits are great - there is nothing better than the taste of BBQ wood smoker grills meat or seafood! Turn your backyard party or picnic into something truly warm and special with delicious smoked food.

Are the parts of the smoker clean, free of dust and dry before the cooking begins - you don't want any of that dust on your food.

Over the bottom portion of the grill, place the wood chips you have selected over the smoker bottom. Be sure to cover an area that is about the size of the burner.

Make sure the drip pan is in the correct place. If you will cover the drip pan with aluminum foil, the cleanup time will be reduced by about half.

Place the meat, chicken or fish to be smoked on the rack.

Newer models have non-stick racks, but if you have older racks, spray them with vegetable cooking oil or spray to keep the grilled food from sticking, resulting in cleanup that will be easier.

Leave some room between the food you are cooking and the smoker sides. The lid should be closed about two-thirds and center the smoker grill directly over the burner.

Make sure the heat in the grill is set to medium!

When smoke begins rising from underneath the drip pan, the lid should be closed securely and timing the cooking can now begin.

Check the time required and the food for thorough cooking, according to the recipe.

Use oven mitts for hand protection, hold one handle securely with one hand, slide the lid off with the other hand.

See if the food is ready as soon as possible and close the lid quickly if more cooking time is needed.

When the food is cooked, close the heat, take the lid off the smoker unless the recipe instructs you to leave it on for a longer period of time.

Smoker grills are a popular and fun way to cook, entertain and eat well! Here are some grilling cookbooks with great recipes!

Weber's Real Grilling: Over 200 Original Recipes by Jamie Purviance.

This book contains great recipes for grilled red meat, pork, poultry, fish, vegetables, side dishes and even desserts.

It also covers what to look for when choosing a gas, smoker or charcoal grill. Contains information on how to season different meats, how to make marinades and sauces.

Learn about building a fire with coals and lighting a gas grill. This book has beautiful photos and shows you how to take the bone from a leg of lamb and truss a chicken.

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