A timber frame home is about the wood, the wood frame and open interior spaces...

Timber frame homes and construction is a special kind of post and beam construction that uses solid wood timbers for the structural framework. By using the appropriate combination of wood beam and column timbers, the need for interior supporting posts is eliminated.

These wood timbers are joined in one or more of several ways: mortise and tenon, scarfs that are made secure with wooden pegs or dovetails. Why is this kind of structure so special?

The look and feel of the structural wood members can be truly spectacular. And the openness and volume of the home interior can be breathtaking!

Combining modern construction technology with time-proven, historical timber frame construction materials and techniques - this style of building is somewhat simpler than conventional building.

Conventional construction uses numerous pieces of dimension lumber to frame the walls, ceilings and roof. Log homes commonly use logs for the exterior walls often with conventional framing inside.

In this kind of historical timber frame construction structure, using fewer larger wood frame members can result in a visually attractive and structurally sound home that includes conventional finishes.

And since the wood frame and joinery are visible, carpenters have become very skilled over time at enhancing the look and feel of this kind of building.

What kinds of wood are used in this kind of construction?

Most manufacturers tend to use wood species that are available locally. In the northeastern U.S., eastern white pine is the most frequently used wood.

Not only is eastern white pine less expensive, it's also very stable. It resists twisting and checking which is important for structural stability in your home. In the western U.S., Douglas fir is commonly used and in the south, white oak is a commonly used wood.

Then there are companies that specialize in finding and disassembling old barns to be able to use the wonderful antique wood members. Combining modern-day finishes with the beauty of aged historical timber frame construction barn wood members can result in a home that everyone admires and enjoys.

What are stick framed timber frame homes?

These styles of homes are with a center made of timbers with conventional 2x4 or 2x6 stick framing for the surrounding rooms.

A variation in these kinds of houses can be the use of trusses that are exposed overhead with conventional framing for the walls.

Where can one learn more about these kinds of homes and building?

Searching online is fast and may provide you with the information you are looking for. Get ideas and educate yourself by looking at this style of home plans.

Whether you're searching with your computer or looking through home plan books, you'll get to know what exists, what you like and don't like.

Take your time as you look at plans...you may even find one or more that you really like. Get to know the plan or plans...you'll save the design costs of your home if you can find and use stock plans.

Even if you need to modify plans you like, you're still saving hundreds or thousands of dollars compared to designing your home from the beginning.

Another way to learn about this style of construction is by having some of the best books on the subject.

Here are relevant resources for you - be sure and read what others say about these informative titles:

Build a Classic Timber-Framed Home - Planning & Design/Traditional Materials/Affordable Methods by Jack A. Sobon.

In the classic sense, building a home of timbers is creating a home in the traditional way, the way they were built a long time ago.

If you are looking for historic timber frame raising pictures or historical timber frame construction information, one of the best ideas you will find is to obtain one of the popular titles that have been authored by experts with decades of experience in this kind of construction.

Chapter #1 of this book includes historic timber frame raising pictures while the rest of the information presented covers the design, layout and building of a modern timber-framed home.

The Timber Frame Home - Design, Construction, Finishing by Tedd Benson.

The timber-frame construction is a very popular way to build today and the author has greatly contributed to this interest.

The availability and use of stress-skin panels that surround the structural skeleton makes this kind of building today a popular option and alternative to the traditional stud-frame house.

The chapter contents include design, skins and frames, getting out of the ground, wiring, lighting, finish details and much more.

Building the Timber-Frame House by Tedd Benson.

Post and beam buildings have long been known to be among the most durable residential structures available. Today, this building style is not only structurally sound and beautiful to the eye, it is also very easy to insulate and is rewarding to construct.

Besides historical timber frame construction and historic timber frame raising pictures and history, contents include joinery, assembling of the timbers and frame raising. Also covers modern design, materials, plans, developing the site, laying the foundation, insulation, tools and construction methods. This is truly a resource to learn from and to enjoy.

Still another of the best ways to learn about this style is to subscribe to one of the best magazines. You'll be able to read regular monthly articles by industry experts on the important parts of designing, building and decorating with timber.

If you've been in an old barn and marveled at the great beams and posts, then you know how beautiful this kind of home can be.

You'll be inspired as you enjoy the photographs in each issue. You can learn so much from pictures! Check out the best of the timber frame magazines here.

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