Baby names tips and the top 100 baby name lists.

The top 100 baby name lists are great since you can see which baby names are most often given to baby girls and baby boys. First, here are some considerations when choosing your baby names...then the top 100 baby name lists...

• 1. Consider your family's tradition and your heritage. Do your families typically name babies after a grandparent? Are there ways that your families use to choose baby names?

Continuing family traditions can be fun and fulfilling, resulting in great baby names that everyone enjoys. Or do you prefer to use your own ways of selecting your baby's name?

• 2. Does a relative already have the names you like? Be careful if they are already used.

Ask other family members to be sure your favorite baby names are not given to relatives. It can become confusing in families when two people are called the same thing.

• 3. Select your favorites from the top 100 baby name lists based on their meanings and origins.

You can easily research name meanings online. Positive baby names meanings add to the enjoyment and celebration of this wonderful new person now as well as later in their life.

• 4. Be careful with the initials. Do they form a word? Is the word OK? Most parents don't consider the initials formed, and an obscene word can be the result if not considered. Amanda Stephanie Smith is not a good combination, for example, when you look at the three initials.

• 5. Try to come up with more than one possibility when naming your baby. Perhaps the top 100 baby name lists have more than one name that you like.

Then live with the names for awhile. You may find that one set rises to the top over time.

• 6. Say the baby names out loud. How do they sound? Use their names, get a feel for how they will sound every day. There may be a nice rhythm to their name combination.

• 7. Think of your baby as an adult. Their names will be used their entire life, so think how what they will be called will sound and feel once they are grown.

Those baby sounds of 'goo-goo' and 'gaa-gaa' are wonderful when they are babies, but that will change as they grow up. Don't let the joy of their infancy cause you to give them a name that they won't be proud of once they are older. Stay away from funny names.

Here are the top 100 baby name lists...

For girls and boys in the USA, the top 100 baby name lists are for names chosen since the year 2000:

Rank for Girls Names

1. Emily
2. Madison
3. Hannah
4. Emma
5. Ashley
6. Alexis
7. Samantha
8. Sarah
9. Abigail
10. Olivia
11. Elizabeth
12. Alyssa
13. Jessica
14. Grace
15. Lauren
16. Taylor
17. Kayla
18. Brianna
19. Isabella
20. Anna
21. Victoria
22. Sydney
23. Megan
24. Rachel
25. Jasmine
26. Natalie
27. Sophia
28. Morgan
29. Hailey
30. Jennifer
31. Destiny
32. Julia
33. Kaitlyn
34. Haley
35. Katherine
36. Nicole
37. Alexandra
38. Savannah
39. Maria
40. Amanda
41. Mackenzie
42. Stephanie
43. Allison
44. Mia
45. Brooke
46. Jordan
47. Jenna
48. Rebecca
49. Mary
50. Mackayla

Rank for Boys Names

1. Jacob
2. Michael
3. Joshua
4. Matthew
5. Andrew
6. Christopher
7. Joseph
8. Nicolas
9. Daniel
10. William
11. Ethan
12. Anthony
13. Ryan
14. Tyler
15. David
16. John
17. Alexander
18. James
19. Zachary
20. Brandon
21. Jonathan
22. Dylan
23. Justin
24. Christian
25. Samuel
26. Benjamin
27. Austin
28. Nathan
29. Noah
30. Jose
31. Logan
32. Robert
33. Kevin
34. Thomas
35. Gabriel
36. Caleb
37. Jordan
38. Hunter
39. Cameron
40. Kyle
41. Jason
42. Elijah
43. Aaron
44. Jack
45. Connor
46. Isaiah
47. Luke
48. Evan
49. Isaac
50. Eric

Have fun and enjoy every minute involved in viewing the top 100 baby name lists and choosing your child's names. Since you know they will become a very special person, give them the names that will add to their success and happiness in life.

Take your time. You will likely find at some point, there is no doubt about what your new baby's name will be. When it happens, congratulations! Celebrate the moment and enjoy!

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