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American Colonial is traditional home style and conservative, but with less formality and ornamentation than the English and European styles of the same period.

The early American colonists brought with them the ideas and traditions that influenced the buildings and traditional furniture style that they built, but the style reflected a more humble and informal decorating traditional style.

• 1- William and Mary period between 1700 and 1725
• 2- The Queen Anne period between 1725 and 1760
• 3- The Chippendale period between 1760 and 1790

Traditional American Country or Early American Style - The floors were traditionally constructed with wide-boards made of native woods like pine and maple and to add color to the room, rag rugs or oriental rugs were used.

Traditional style sofas were usually made by local craftsmen with indigenous woods like cherry, hickory and elm.

Examples of this construction included classic Windsor chairs, banister-back chairs camel-back sofas, gate-leg tables, cupboards, plate racks and wing chairs.

The most commonly used colors in the Early American or traditional style home designs were gray, gray-green, brick red, blue, teal-blue, mustard and subdued taupe tones.

Fireplaces usually display the best country pottery, iron and tin cooking utensils and wooden duck decoys.

Stenciling and wallpaper were frequently used in country traditional style home decorating.

Stenciling originally was cheaper than wallpaper and the most common motifs include leaves, geometric shapes, pine cones, tassels and pineapples - the most common colors used in stenciling were red, green, coral and brown.

Stenciling can be used around windows, walls, furniture and even on the floors to give the feel that the floor had an expensive rug - stenciling was frequently used by families that could not afford to buy wallpaper or rugs during the 19th century.

Done correctly, stenciling adds a great deal of charm to an American country home decor.

American Country uses brass candlesticks, tin candle chandeliers, wrought-iron or metal chandeliers, tin lanterns and sconces.

Vintage baskets, flower wreaths, wooden duck decoys, camel-back sofas, Windsor chairs, patchwork quilts, rocking chairs, large farm tables are also very much part of early colonial life.

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