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No matter what size the kitchen is, ample under cabinet storage drawers and storage will give you convenient access to frequently used kitchen items when you need them - it will keep your kitchen clutter free and attractive. With counter top space usually at a premium in most kitchens, having lots of room on top is always desirable.

Kitchen counter-tops work best if they are clutter free. To maximize countertop space in the kitchen, you can install a pullout cutting board under the countertop or you can keep your cutting board inside your cabinets or hang it on the inside of one of the cabinet doors.

For the appliances that you use daily (like the coffee machine and the toaster) possibly buy an appliance garage placed on the kitchen counter top or recessed into the wall which can make great undercabinet storage.

Built-in microwave - this method works best when you place the microwave below the countertop (base cabinets) or locate the microwave at a height of 4 feet. Doing so will free up countertop space and it is a very safe placement method.

For small appliances that you don't use frequently, it is perhaps best to store them in drawers, in cabinets with lazy susans, in appliance garages with doors and on shelves. Keeping a lot of small appliances on the counter top will make your kitchen less attractive and will take away your working counter space.

If you have beautiful canisters that are sitting on your kitchen countertop, empty and unused, place them in the pantry with items you use frequently or somewhere else... perhaps give them to a friend... canisters may not keep flour, sugar, rice or salt fresh for very long.

Small cooking tools like wooden spoons, spatulas, tongs and spatulas should be stored in an attractive crock or ceramic container. Your television and radio/CD player should be installed under the cabinets. Your phone should be wall-mounted and not on your kitchen countertop.

Instead of storing your pots and pans inside of your cabinets, you can keep your often used pots and pans accessible and organized on your beautiful kitchen pot rack. Any pot rack will add extra storage to your kitchen and will free some of your kitchen cabinet space.

Here are storage drawers organizers and related undercabinet kitchen storage items that can easily be purchased online.

Under Cabinet Storage Kitchen Dispenser

Undercabinet Storage Kitchen Dispenser

Undercabinet kitchen storage products to store paper towels, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, waxed paper and plastic bags! This undercabinet kitchen storage dispenser mounts to the underside of your existing cabinet with screws. This undercabinet storage product is available in a natural finish.

Under Cabinet Storage Kitchen Space Organizer II

Under Cabinet Storage Kitchen Space Organizer II

Storage space for your kitchen for spices, first aid supplies, medicine, vitamins, cookbooks and more. It is an attractive undercabinet kitchen storage drawer that fits under any cabinet and can be used in the kitchen, bathroom or garage.

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