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Are you looking for Weber grills?

Most outdoor Weber grills should be bought based on how often you use the grill, what kinds of food you like to cook and how many people you cook for. If all you cook outdoors are hot dogs and some hamburgers in small quantities, you may not need a very large grilling unit.

On the other hand, maybe you cook lots of steaks, pork chicken and roast large birds and you love to entertain family and friends. If so, you should consider having a unit that has a high BTU output or one that includes infrared burners.

• Built-in units with natural gas are the most convenient and they can become the centerpiece of a beautiful outdoor kitchen.

• You can also find gas grills that use liquid propane gas stored in 20 pound propane cylinders. Some of these units will give you the option of cooking with both charcoal and propane.

• If you like the old fashioned charcoal cookers, there are still plenty of those units available.

Here are some of the differences between a gas and a charcoal grill:

• 1- Gas units are more expensive but they have the advantage of firing up much faster than the charcoal kind. Charcoal grilling units take longer to heat up.

When you are lighting your charcoal griller, don't use lighter fluids - it can give your food a chemical aftertaste. Instead, use a wood fire starter material.

• 2- Gas units heat quickly and evenly and they give you excellent temperature control.

Some gas units will have porcelain-coated grates that will keep the food from sticking which is a very convenient feature, making for easy cleanup.

If you have a charcoal cooker unit, consider getting a cylindrical metal chimney - it will hold your briquettes in a tight pile so they heat more quickly.

This way, you can pour the coals into the unit much faster and begin cooking.

• 3- Gas grills with the new infrared technologies give you the options of an infrared rotisserie and side burners that are great options for cooking large roasts or whole birds. Most grills today are made of cast aluminum and stainless steel. Stainless steel ones are the most popular.

You can find online great Weber grills in a variety of styles and features.

Weber's Real Grilling: Over 200 Original Recipes by Jamie Purviance.

Jamie Purviance covers more than 200 recipes for grilled red meat, pork, poultry, fish, vegetables, side dishes and even desserts.

The book includes lots of beautiful photographs with easy to follow instructions of difficult steps like taking out the bone in a leg of lamb. This is a great cookbook!

The reviews are excellent...the recipes are great and you will be able to grill for the family and friends, very good recipes that everyone likes.

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