Use wicker and baskets to make life easier with wicker storage baskets...

Wicker storage baskets are constructed from rattan or wire to store and show off produce, towels or napkins in your kitchen. You can also use baskets in the bathroom for toiletries, magazines, towels, washcloths, hair dryers and appliances.

Wicker and baskets are the perfect hiding places for accessories like scarves, bras and belts if you don't have enough space in your closet. You can use baskets for magazines, newspapers or to place recycling items.

Wicker storage baskets can be used in your laundry room to store ironing supplies. In other rooms, you can organize writing supplies, phone books, toys, linens and games in these slide out drawers.

You can buy baskets that are shown below - these and more are available conveniently online from these quality suppliers.

Large wicker storage baskets, rolling wicker storage baskets, stacking units - whatever you need. Buy the baskets that fit YOUR home and decor to improve your home organization.

Wicker Laundry Hampers - Willow Collection

Wicker Laundry Hampers - Willow Collection

This clothes hamper comes with a lid and has a handle in the middle and several liner color options. The washable, removable cotton drawstring liner can be used for transporting laundry to be washed. This wicker laundry hamper is 21" high x 16" deep - large enough for several loads of laundry.

Wicker Storage Box - Set of 3

Wicker Storage Box - Set of 3

Attractive wicker storage boxes come in sets of three - easy to add organization in any home. These baskets are wonderful in the bathroom for organizing toiletries or hair care items or in the workplace as a desktop organizer.

The boxes come in a set of three in these sizes.
• Large wicker basket is 20" long x 13" wide x 12.25" high
• Medium wicker basket is 18" long x 11" wide x 10.25" high
• Small wicker basket is 16" long x 9" wide x 8.25" high

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