Are you looking for window treatment ideas for your home?

If you are looking for free window treatment ideas online, here are some ideas for you.

A basic rule is - combine textures, fabrics and colors to create a dynamic look for each room. Beautiful curtains or drapes can create an elegant effect that will transform and enhance your entire room.

Your curtains or drapes should be measured the following way:

• 1- Measure drapery lengths from the fabric top to the bottom, including tabs.

• 2- Consider where the drape should fall - below the sill or higher than the sill or down to the floor. Then measure the drape length from the top of the rod to that point.

• 3- To obtain an attractive fullness, find out the number of panels needed this way - multiply the window width measurement by 1 for a tailored look, 1.5 for a standard look or 3 for a full and dramatic look.

If you want a look that is gathered and you have a window 70 inches wide, you will need about 210 inches of panel width (which is 70 inches multiplied by 3).

Your rods should be measured the following way:

• 1- Measure the window width in a way that will permit about 1-3 inches on either side of the windows so they will not be covered when drapes are opened completely.

• 2- What about wall space needed for decorative hardware?

Finials are used to make the rods longer at each end. Holdbacks are used on the window sides to pull the curtains back.

• 3- Standard rod mounting is 4 inches above windows. You can install the rod nearer the ceiling if you want more drape height.

One of the easiest ways to communicate window treatment ideas is to show actual window treatment products. The internet makes that easy and fast to do - here are some unique window treatment ideas online products that may work for you.

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