Wine storage, supplies and accessories for your home.

Wine storage and wine rack storage types can be:

• Freestanding cellars
• Under counter cellars

Glass door refrigerators are perfect wine storage and wine rack storage for bars, kitchen, game rooms and more. If you buy a glass refrigerator, you should have four different temperature settings and many different racking options so you can store almost any vintage inside.

If you have decided to buy a rack for your home, make sure you place it in the darkest corners or coolest areas of your home.

Basements, pantries or perhaps a cellar built for you are the best places to keep your collection.

Most bottles should be laying down on their sides as doing so will keep the corks wet which prevents them from drying out and coming apart and keeps the bottle openings sealed.

Collectors should avoid moving their bottles unnecessarily - this incredible beverage seems to prefer not to be moved frequently. Vibration is also not recommended near your expensive collection.

Do not locate your expensive cellar near the washer and dryer. Vibration may cause air bubbles to form in the bottle.

Keep the bottles quietly resting in dark areas. If you have a cellar, keep the lights off most of the time. When searching for your desired vintage, use a working flashlight to find what you need when possible.

If you are going to keep some bottles in a regular rack, the best way to store it is on its side, away from sunlight and not too close to your stove, dishwasher or fireplace.

Heat sources are not recommended to be near the bottles. If you are a collector, it is best to invest in a wine storage refrigerator that has different temperature settings.

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