Find the wood fireplace mantles and wood fireplace mantle shelf you want for your home...

Selecting the best wood fireplace mantles for your home has never been easier than today. From rustic designs to sleek contemporary designs, mantles await you in a wide variety of styles, colors and finishes.

If you're a do-it-yourselfer, you'll find wood fireplaces that you can buy, install and finish yourself. If you want someone else to do the work for you, no problem.

Mantles can recreate the traditional look found in early American homes.

Frequently, you can choose from select oak, stain grade poplar and paint grade and you'll enjoy high quality and competitive pricing for your selection.

Most wood mantles will have a section in the face that should be covered with non-combustible tile, marble, slate or brick.

According to code, you need to install non-combustible materials on the face of the fireplace. Most codes will require that any combustible material on the front be located at least six inches away from the fire place opening.

If you're a construction professional or homeowner who's involved in remodeling or building a house, adding fireplaces to several rooms may be the right choice for your project. Fireplaces are great focal points in any room in the house.

You can likely choose from these four sizes:

• (S) 48 inches inside width x 42 inside inside height
• (M) 52 inches inside width x 42 inches inside height
• (L) 58 inches inside width x 42 inches inside height
• (XL) 66 inches inside width x 42 inches inside height

In general, online pictures of fireplace mantles provide a varied selection of elegant and beautiful detailing for your mantle. Quality wood fireplace mantle shelf designs are available online from quality suppliers. Take your time and enjoy your search.

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