Wood trellis structures add beauty and interest to your garden or backyard.

A garden wood trellis or a garden trellis arch... Arbors, trellises and obelisks are beautiful focal points that have very special functions in a garden.

Garden arbors and trellis can make a transition between areas in a garden. For example, they can separate a vegetable garden from an area that is a flower garden. Or, trellises can be used to provide an entrance to any garden.

A manufactured wood trellis can be most useful for providing a framework on which to create interest, particularly up against walls or areas you may want to hide.

Trellises can add so much to a backyard, garden or space. Garden arbors and trellis can be used to divide a garden into a form of outdoor rooms that will provide beautiful walls.

Obelisks are basically towers. Their main purpose is to draw the eye and to say - look at me!

They create areas that you will definitely want to look at as you create the gardens that will be the kind of place to spend time in.

Willow branches and saplings will provide your shade structures with a rustic feel.

Metal trellis will feel the most formal but they will last for a long time with very little maintenance. Wooden structures, like cedar - that are not painted and are made of sawn lumber can also work wonderfully.

Today, you can also buy a trellis made of vinyl which is also low maintenance. You can locate it against a wall or use it free-standing to add elegance to your garden or backyard.

You can add a pergola to define an entrance or connect to a wall or hedge - it is easy to find units built of durable cedar wood which is great because these kinds of pergolas will not rot, crack or even need to be painted.

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