There are wooden bookcases for every room in your home.

Wooden bookcases are no longer just for books! Wooden book cases are considered open storage and you can use them in the kitchen, bathroom and any other room in the house.

You can use a wooden book case to put your best collection of ceramics, pottery or plates, you can use it for CDs and video tapes, magazines, linens, toys, your antique collection or anything you may want to show off.

The concept of having adjustable shelves for your bookcases is a good idea because you can adjust the shelf height for your tall favorite books or art pieces that you want to put on them.

If you do not want to buy a wooden entertainment center, you can use your bookcases for a DVD wood storage bookcase for electronic media and equipment.

Make sure you place your stereo equipment at the bottom of a strong and stable bookcase and place the other smaller items at the top.

If you have children, wooden bookcases are great for books and toys because they are easily accessible and you can have a chance to teach them to put everything back on the shelf.

Wooden book cases can store and display anything in any room in the home as long as they are strong. If you are going to use very tall book shelves, it may be a good idea to anchor them to the ceiling or the wall so they will never tip over.

You can buy a library ladder to reach the upper shelves. You can also use this kind of furniture to store hat boxes, handbags, gloves and shoes in your dressing room or bedroom.

The basic requirements of a bookcase are:

Base - the foundation is what gives support and strength to the piece.
Sides - the sides keep the whole structure standing.
Shelves - these keep the content of what you put on the shelf leveled and stable.
Back - gives strength and resistance to the construction.
Top - connects the two sides together and can be used to place items.

Most wooden bookcases have these components and what changes are the materials, trim, joinery and size. The shelves of a bookcase can be fixed or adjustable. Your book shelves can be made of solid woods, sheet products (plywood, particle board) or glass.

Mix stacks of books with other objects to produce a more attractive and homey atmosphere. You can even use baskets or wooden boxes as informal bookends or you can leave an empty shelf for your beautiful ceramics and tasteful tableaus.

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