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Your wooden deck is like having an additional room outdoors and having an extra room is a way of extending your home. Most of the time, a wooden deck will be attached to one of the exterior walls of your home.

When the weather allows it, your outdoor room can be the perfect lounging area to enjoy. During times that you may be entertaining, this can serve as a great place to talk and eat with your guests and family.

Make sure you have good design, use safe materials and get a good contractor to build your deck. Here are some outdoor deck suggestions that you need to keep in mind to help ensure that there is success behind your project.

Here are some wooden deck ideas and considerations for having an outdoor area that is right for your home:

• 1. Location is a very crucial aspect to the project. In general, you want to have the deck placed in your backyard without being too overwhelming or unpleasant to the area.

In situations where you have a perfect view, take that into consideration and place it in that area. It is a major bonus to have a deck with a good view.

If you don't have a great view, consider the existing trees in your back yard or simply plant new ones. You may be able to plant a shady tree to keep you cooler in the summer or a view of the sun rising and setting.

If you have neighbors that are noisy or a street that is busy, try using shrubbery and walls or fences to help take care of these problems.

• 2. When you have taken those items into consideration, you should then decide if you want it to connect your wooden deck to your home. Decide if you want to place it next to a living room, family room, bedroom, kitchen, or perhaps another area.

Remember that you may get dirty the carpet in the room you enter and exit the deck from. If it connects to an area with the television, it may keep those inside from watching the television in peace and quiet.

Since you will be using the deck to socialize and eat, a connection to the kitchen might be a better solution. If possible, two doors may be the best option to help you maximize the areas you can connect to the deck.

• 3. Some people like to have a destination wooden deck. Not every deck must be connected to your home. Instead, it can be a place to go and enjoy the quiet or the view.

It might be in an area along the woods or next to some relaxing pond. There are so many different possibilities, just make sure it is located in a place where you can relax.

• 4. You then need to decide what ways you will use your wooden deck in relation to its size. If you have a small property and won't be entertaining a large group of people, then a larger deck isn't necessary.

And keep in mind that your deck should be proportionate to your home. If you have a small home and backyard, having a large deck is not such a good idea. Everything must remain in proportion, so the same would go with a big home, a small deck would look very unexpected and odd.

You may even decide to break down the deck into different sections. There could be separate places to cook, read, to swim and lounge along with a section devoted to entertaining only.

• 5. When you are doing your planning, make sure the entire family is involved in giving lots of suggestions and what the budget is.

You will need everyone's input on what they need from the deck. If you have smaller children, consider an area that can be devoted to their play time.

• 6. Make sure you understand how traffic will flow from the home to the deck and how it will need to connect to other areas of the house as well. If you don't know how the family will be using the deck - you may end up with an outdoor room that does not function well.

Some family member may be using it to go from the garage to the kitchen, while another may use it to go to the greenhouse and come back inside. With that in mind, consider other ways to divert traffic in your home so your deck doesn't get too much directed traffic so it can be used to relax.

• 7. As you are planning your deck, it might be a good idea to consider turning it into a screened-in porch somewhere down the line.

If you are going to do this, during construction, you will need a set of larger footings beneath it. That is because a screened-in porch requires that you have larger footings than an uncovered deck.

One of the most beneficial ways this can be done is to use wooden deck plans that have already been built in the past. If there are any concerns on your ability or ease of building the deck, you may want to consider hiring a contractor professional to help you.

This example has interesting angles for a unique look. Two sides have comfortable seating that is built in for these low level plans for wooden deck.


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