Find wooden planter boxes for your home and garden.

Wooden planter boxes - you can find a great variety of plants and flowers that will grow well in a wall planter window box planter.

Wooden planter boxes can be incorporated into your deck, patio, porch, windows, bathroom, backyard...they add color and beauty to your garden and they also let you change plantings throughout the year which means you always have fresh arrangements that can be enjoyed.

Using a combination of annuals, perennials, bulbs, small trees or shrubs that are hardy, perhaps even herbs - is really wonderful when planted in wooden window planter boxes.

If you plant herbs like rosemary or thyme for example, it will smell very good and you can use it to season your food and salads.

There are several types of containers to satisfy your taste and decor.

Wooden planter boxes can be made of plastic, wood, metal, stone, PVC, concrete, fiberglass, acrylics, clay and perhaps other materials.

Plants grow very well in boxes that are large enough to accommodate their root development yet small enough to show off the plant in proper scale.

Make sure you check if the soil is dry as most potted plants will require more frequent watering than plants growing in the ground. Weight can be a consideration if you will need to move the box or pot. If you are a small gardener, you do not want to be hauling very heavy pots around.

Pots that are built from materials like concrete or stone, for example, can weigh more than a hundred pounds when filled with soil and plants and that can create a major problem if moving them is necessary.

Of course, if you're certain that the pot is not going to be moved around, how much the pot weighs is not an important issue. However, you should be able to move the container around without worrying about the status of your back and health.

The nice thing about planters made of metal or wood materials is that they are both lightweight and weatherproof - they can stay outdoors during the winter time.

Because they are light and weatherproof, metal and wooden planter boxes are options you should consider.

If you want a wooden one, make it be a rot-resistant wood like redwood, cypress or cedar.

If it is made of pine or other wood that rots easily, it won't last long with the inside in constant contact with moist soil. If you select a container made of metal, understand that if it is painted, the paint will ultimately peel.

That does not mean you have a problem. What it means is you may end up with an antique look. However, if you want a clean appearance, select a stainless steel finish instead of a painted finish metal.

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